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24 April 2008 @ 08:45 am
A new house?  
I submitted my rental request today to the person it said to do so in the IoW rental notecards. WHile reading it over I noticed something that made me facepalm and feel a wee bit disappointed.

They have a line about keeping in the theme of the Sim. Makes sense all right I can do that. Did that where I'm at even.

There's a line about castles and caves and tree houses, how they fit and are the preferred structures. Hokies.

They then say please try to avoid "rainbow pink trees, skyscrapers, and Victorian house, and the like"

*face palms*

Gee lets just point out two things I HAVE!

In the "Do you have any questions" part of the request I mention that I HAVE a pink tree and a Victorian house. I said I would be willing to find a new house if need be but could I keep the tree? As I am a Fae dragon after all. I give her the surl to my current place for her to tell me what I could keep.

Then I pop over onto Adar's computer to go house hunting. And I found a place that both Adar and I love a LOT. I might just go with this place even if they say I can keep my pink Victorian.

It's the Arwynd Stained Glass Tree house

It's HUGE and its amazing. It's the place I was in when I took the belle Reading a book pics. Only this time I took a ton of photos of it.

me on the porch, zoomed back as far as I can go and up high on the tree

me on the porch, zoomed back as far as I can go and down on the tree

Like I said its HUGE. Its next to two other tree buildings. One is just a lil hidden treasure room, the other has several obvious glass rooms and I didn't like it all that much.

It's pretty plain on the outside. Blends right into that tree. And a teleport from the ground to the porch is so going to be needed. I hope it has one! The trunk is also hallow so I can have some neat hidden surprise in there.

The porch

Ignore the lil signs on the trunk those give info and let you buy the thing. The ball in the right bottom is a teleport to the main store, I hope it can be modified to be one to the ground!

Entry room view one

Entry room view two

Entry room view three

When you first enter the rather lovely door you see this. The big green thing in the floor is "glass" and clearish. All the furniture you see except for one thing I'll mention when you see it can be bought and most of it was made specifically to go with this house.

The green leave thing to the right of me in the last photo there is the door to the hallway. small round room with the teleport ball to upstairs. and the doorway to the main room.

Main room view one

Main room view two

Main room view three

Main room view four

Main room view five

The main room is HUGE. And all those glass windows? totally not able to see IN them from the outside. I kinda wish I could turn the green "glass" in the windows a dark dusty pink or dusty purple but I don't think that's possible. I sure will try though! Otherwise I love the greens throughout the place.

If you've seen the area I want to get land at in Iow can you imagine the VIEW from These windows? It will be breathtaking!

Oh and the unbuyable item? The harp :P. At least I haven't been able to find it. didn't do that great a looking job. But it is not part of any of the room furniture packages, or even made by the same person.

Bedroom view one

Bedroom view two

Bedroom view three

Yes your seeing that right. The bedroom is so big it can fit two beds. one is a simple bed and the other is more of a "sex" bed. which oddly is the lower prim bed..maybe because the poses are scripted into the bed and not into pretty matching balls ON the bed. I'm not sure which I'd want to get. The "sex" bed simply because its lower prim. Or the other one to avoid the nonsense of a sex bed. Plus its cheaper then the sexbed,

Full outside view, its the one on the left. I forget where I was standing to take this.

Its just a breathtaking house on the inside. I'd like a few of the mushrooms about the middle one around the base of mine though.

Oh and the prim count? For just the house..50! For the tree 32. For JUST the house that makes it WAY less then the 152 count for JUST my house and its attached gardens. If I put in one of every piece of furniture the house sets come with I would go over the total of all the furniture and my house currently. But that's a LOT more furniture then I already have. And I could easily leave stuff out if I rezed this on my current land. The total of house tree and all furniture is around 185 for the tree and around 175 for my current house.

Ado was with me so we went to the store to see what all else they had. I found this pretty lil teapot I so want one of my own. Can't FIND it though! Maybe its with the harp... It gives out tea cups to drink! and for some reason I LOVE food items that give you lil animated wearables to "eat" or "drink"

In other semi related things. I had went to the place I got my house from. So I could read the sign and get its total prim count. I noticed something. The house as you buy it is whiteish and in fact so was my house when I first got it.. But at some point it's been turned a light pinky purple! Apparently sometime on the 8th of This month too going by pictures. This photo and this one where both taken on the same day, or at least downloaded on the same day.. But in the latter the house is already pink!!

I do not remember turning it this color at ALL. I had just been assuming its been that color all along! *facepalms* I have no idea what happened. I don't mind it that color in the least bit. Leaving it that way in fact. just..Egads! When did that happen? And by who? Did I do it accidentally and never notice? Did I do it on purpose and just don't remember? Or did someone in my group do it and has been waiting all this time for me to notice?

I asked Tearsong and she didn't even realize it WAS pink. came over to look. Stayed to talk and Fish. So Ado, Tearsong, and I had girls fishing night. And the fishing is getting FUN. They have some crazy cool neat fish to catch. Like the Peanut butter fish and the Grape jelly fish Tearsong has.

Anyway, its bedtime for the Fae kitty. I'm near passing out.
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TearSong Vaughantearsongs_sl on April 24th, 2008 08:48 pm (UTC)
Don't forget to ask if they do have a problem with huge treehouses :P If they don't like scyscrapers they might object to large/high treehouses as well?

Fae kitty of Roses and Columbine, on Secondlife: Pink gownsoftpaw_sommer on April 24th, 2008 09:10 pm (UTC)
The way it read its more how skyscrapers look then the height. It is in a pretty mountainy region and if need be I can plant the tree into the mountain some so its not so tall. Which I was thinking of doing anyway.
Robyn-Pi: Supernatural: Pie! (x2)chaoticfayth on April 24th, 2008 09:05 pm (UTC)
Does this mean that there will be no woom for widdle Fayth's widdle tweehouse? *makes big dwagon eyes* 'Cause I don' wanna take up too much woom next to your big cool tweehouse, ya'know...*acts all innocent and the like*
Fae kitty of Roses and Columbine, on Secondlife: Swingsoftpaw_sommer on April 24th, 2008 09:11 pm (UTC)
Ohh no there will be pleanty of room for your widdle tweehouse. Which reminds me I found some cute ones to show you later.