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So...I was going to do up a post talking about the Ozimal's bunnies and how I wasn't a beta tester yet.

Then an hour ago..I got made one!!!

So now I get to be all squealy happy about them and show of not only the upcoming bunnies and the bunny sim..but MY bunnies!

First the preliminaries, IE the not my bunnies shots..

I first heard about the bunnies on a SL blog I have set up as a feed on my main Lj. The moment I heard that the Magic of Oz sim was working on some AI bunnies I immediately Tp'd over to the preview store to take a look..*surl*

the outside of the shop

The inside of the shop with display bunnies showing the different breeds. Unlike the chickens they are using real life breeds for the bunnies. Lops, Harlequin, DUTCH!, Havana, rex and English spot. Dutch’s are my favs. I used to have one in RL, a black and white one named Bunnicula

Outside the shop they have a bunch of bunnies roaming about as well. They are so freaking CUTE, they hop about and sit up and...*squeee*

Over on what used to be called the Road to Oz is now the Ozimals sim..you can't get into it yet but I did some camera panning about and took some shots. I did this several weeks ago so I am SURE there have been changes

They are SO SO much cuter then the chickens. Even if I don't get into the breeding and selling business I so will be keeping these about just as pets. Right now I have gotten a small parcel in the Faery Crossing sims to do a large scale raising of the buns. Once they are out of beta I plan to put a couple down on my home and don't let them breed.

Yes one of the nice things about these critters is they can be just pets and not breedable live stock! They are even working on a way to hold your bunny. But that broke so once the breeding part of the beta test is over they will get that fixed again.

Yeah you gotta keep them fed like the chickens. But it costs less And the foods cuter, Beta round 1 had strawberries, my round has peppers. The buns are also less laggy then the chickens as well. And unlike the reports I have heard from about the Sion chickens, Candy and the others will keep the owners in mind and not just do it for the money.

The buns wont die in your inventory so you CAN take them into it, in fact the only way to "die" is starvation and even then they can be brought back to life with some food. They also ended up being FAR less primmy then the original estimate of 18 - 20. Clocking in at a nice 11 prims, which is either same as or one less then the chickens.

Now onto MY BUNNIES!! if I can ever stop taking photos of them that is..

SURL to my bunny habitat

I'm not totally happy with the area I have them in. It's up on a sky platform as that’s what the sim's rules are. So I can't make the ground look pretty. I am hoping that my neighbors to the south of me at home will move to the new sim that just opened in Willowdale, then I get their land *Grins* Bunnies and a maze are what I have planned for THOSE prims. But I've done what I could with 450 prims. Not to much since I wanted more prims for bunnies. But knowing the bunnies are now only 11 prims I may do a bit more work to make it look more..natural


They are born in a basket with a nest, very cute, right now they don’t take long at all. Not sure how it will work when you breed them or when they are out of beta. But right now it takes less then a minute to go from Basket to Bunny

shot of the bunny area with Buns!

Tempi, my first boy

Bunbun my first girl. DUTCH!! *squeals* and I love the floppy ear

Pulled back view

Photo shoot with Bunbun for Icon reasons

I put down another pair and this time put the baskets in the burrow I got them.

The two new ones inside the burrow. I got another Dutch!

You can tell my Dutch bunnies apart by eye color!

This is Hazel

Bunbun, she's got Brown eyes

Hippity has blue!

Tempi, who also seems to be the most adventurous

Getting into the pond on the cave tree

me in the swing

And inside the tree..
yup a tea set. yes I really do have to do this for every place I own *grins*

and now I have made two bunny icons..but I can't pick between them

which do you all like more


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