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29 October 2009 @ 10:03 am
a forest story..  
So, I'm going to be trying something a little different with this post. Story telling with my photos! Not sure how well it will work and I wont do this often. Also if you want to see JUST the photos they are all at http://softpaw.org/LJimages/SL/ChakrynBentham/, in fact that link has more photos then I used here. Think of it as the outtake or directors cut sans the acting if you want :P

The story involves my exploring of the current art installations at Chakryn forest and of the new forest Bentham, which was created by the same person that did Chakryn.

Surl to Chakryn Forest    Surl to Bentham Forest   HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend both sims.

Also as one of the current installations is the Grand Odalisque, which is a HIGHLY lifelike statue of a nude sleeping woman, so for once, my post may be NSFW. And a note, I took the photos of her before I decided to do the rest of this post. I didn't take NEW photos in the outfit I am wearing for the rest of it, because I am the lazy, so..pretend I am. And ignore that the art installation OVER her isn't currently there.. Text is refering to the photo below it.

The events of this day started normally. I decided to go to Chakryn to hunt up some herbs and maybe finish the one quest I had never gotten done..

I looked up from my gathering and saw some light..


Moving closer I saw an amazing moving sculpture if light hovering over the water. These items are common in this forest but this was a new one. So it caught my eye..


I tore my gaze away from the marvel of the light and spotted something in the distance, it looked like a person! but had to be HUGE for me to see it from as far away as I was..

Moving closer and closer I saw that it was yes, a person. A slumbering giantess.

I tiptoed around her, not daring to awaken her from her rest

SO peaceful looking as she dreamed away in Chakryn..

I left her quickly before she awakened and headed towards another sculpture that had caught my eye

On the way I ran into a giant, alien robot eye thing..

Passing it by I at last reached the next sculpture..

It shimmers and moves in the darkness..

Glancing around I spot yet another shimmer in the distance, this time coming from the inlet..

As I get closer I see two glimmers, one from the water one from the rocks. I head to the water..

Towering shimmering pillars of light hover over the water, moving and twisting

And a new tree has grown up quickly. Its HUGE and seems to be hollow.

I admire the pillars a bit then turn to head to the other glimmer..

up over a hill, faint sounds seem to come from it as well

several tubes of color are intertwined, shifting colors and patterns as I watch.

They never seemed to repeat the pattern

Moving on from them I decided to make my way up to the top of the mountain. I could see yet another shimmer up there.


As I flew to the top I stopped by the odd device that had appeared there months ago. It had a note asking for help finding several balls that had come from it. A quest I had never managed to complete.

Looking up I spotted a great swirling light in the sky, as well as a fire.

Flying even higher I spotted a cascade of color as well

The fire seems to be surrounded by tentacles, of all things.

And the colors turned into pointy shapes, that chimed and faintly spoke as I neared them.

They spilled down the side of the mountain..

All the way to the cliff over the water elemental.

I flew up again to look at the spirals closer..

And as I neared where they came from, the small cave island, I saw dots!

They spilled out and floated among the swirls..

After flying around the swirls I landed and decided to try to find the balls. I walked passed two large mushrooms and suddenly found myself feeling disoriented, Like I was transported someplace...

I closed my eyes to clear my head and when I opened them I saw that I was no longer in Chakryn forest, But a new, different and darker one..

I was spooked but instead of opening my own portal home I decided to explore this new place I was sent to.

I am drawn to a tree. One that doesn't have glowing eyes and it speaks to me!!

"The Tree hums in a gloomy haunting voice as you approach, turning its gaze to meet you, it beckons you closer with a branch

Welcome to the sorrow of this realm, always nice to see someone join me and my kin in the dark embrace of this place.

Say...do you like collecting? I do, which is a shame, since I cant actually search for anything to collect! This is of course, where you come in, around the forest, there are interesting things, just keep an eye open, and if you happen upon anything interesting...bring it to me! I will trade you something of my own for what you bring back!."

Ok, this place is like Chakryn with random quests. Well this could be fun. So I will keep my eye out..

Across some water from the tree is something that draws me to it. A forest of GIANT mushrooms. I love mushrooms so I felt I MUST go to this place.


It's simply amazing...wait, does that one mushroom have...a face?

Yes...yes it does, but either the mushroom person is asleep, or doesn't talk..


Seeing the mushroom person made me feel, more then a bit nervous. So I decide to put on a bit of protective camouflage. I dig into my bag of tricks and find a place to change into one of three mushroom themed outfits I have.

Feeling safer, somewhat, I set out to explore more..

I find more mushroom people. Many look sick and are on the side..


I hear a voice and soon spot three mushroom folk, they speak..

"You approach a group of 3 mushrooms, staring helplessly in horror at the sight across the river, they do not turn their head, but speak in unison.

Cursed and hurt and dead, cruel is the Boggle, true were his words, dire our crime, dire our fate, nothing but gloom, nothing but doom, since the theft of the Mushroom.

Freedom they seek, cursed they linger.

Help us, find us our salvation, help us end their suffering.

A Hard Fungal Herb, a Squishy Fungal Herb, a Potent Fungal Herb, a Living Fungal Herb, a Dead Fungal Herb

our home before, our prison of the past, among the cluster of gloom, find the herbs among those that still dwell within."


I'm not sure with this Boggle is but I feel a need to help them. So I shall also keep an eye out for the needed items.

I set off down a path and spot a bit of red in the distance..

As I get closer I feel more uneasy...

With good reason! I have found the Boggle! He too speaks to me

As you approach the shroom you are filled with dread as it looks at you and grins evilly, its eyes looking your body up and down as if you were a delicious meal.

HAH, Puny thing, If I had not already eaten my fill, I would make short work of you! What makes you think you can just wander around my lands without an invitation? Perhaps I can ensure your safety...IF, you complete a task for me.

Around my lands you will find a large assortment of mushrooms, but there are 3 specific mushrooms which are rare, and would serve to further my own ends.

Find me yellow mushrooms, they thrive on wood forgotten by time.

Also find for me red mushrooms. These mushrooms are not here in my lands, but are nearby, Stolen they were! Suffering is the fate of those who steal, and so I have granted such a fate.

Lastly, find me the brown mushrooms. This narrow path ends in fear and doubt.

Well, now I know why the other mushroom people are sick. Though I doubt they stole the red mushrooms personally. Just a feeling in my fae heart. This big guy gives me the willies. But in hopes that by bringing the red mushrooms BACK it will also help the others I agree to do it.

And set off once again. I get the oddest feeling of being watched...

I find a few of the items, as well as some other things. But not all of the sought after things. ..I start to hear a chiming in the air though..

And soon I spot why! A cave of crystals!

It's so amazing in here.

and then, the largest crystal speaks!

The sound of the crystals resonate as you approach, sending out sounds that reach you as an eerie glass like voice.

Greetings young one, I have slept for so long, awaiting someone to chance upon me. It is a sign, and I hope you will help me protect the nature of this cavern from the blight that spreads outside.

The Boggle mushroom has spread his influence all over this side of the forest ,turning it more into a fungus swamp, and its effect is even felt here, within this cave, the rock weakens, and threatens my existence.

When the Boggle shroom came here, he took from me 3 crystals that ensured the safety of my cave. Please, find them, and bring them back to me, do not let my beauty fall to ruin. I will even trade you a bit of treasure, dropped here by the boggle shroom himself

I knew I was right to not trust the Boggle! I of course agree to help find the crystals.


Once again I set off, still searching. I spot a glow in the distance and spot a house? In THIS woods?

Why yes, it is a house!

Guarded by a group of pumpkin boggles? I'm not sure, and the house looks quite abandoned.

Not to mention falling down, no one has lived here in years....no one living at least..

Looking about the house I spot a small grave. They must have lived here, but who buried them?

I quickly move away from the grave and choose the time near the house to change my camouflage into one of the other mushroom outfits..

None too soon! I run into a rather large being. I'm not sure if its just a statue, or a gargoyle or something bespelled..

I keep on my search for all the items, wandering the forest.


I near the boggles home again and this time choose to go down the other path..

No matter how sinister it looks

((ooc I would LOVE to know how they got this effect))

And, now I am SURE I am being watched. as this time I spot the eyes, but not what they are connected to. Perhaps more talking trees?

However I find the last item needed for the boggle and quickly make my way out..

I'm someone glad I found all his items first. I set them down as told..

And a glowing red mist comes towards me, presenting me with a reward..

Which turned out to be a small mini Boggle...

I tuck it into my magic satchel an set off again..

Still looking high and low..

At last I find all of the items the Tree wanted so I make my way to it..

and set them down where told..

This time the glow is bluish..

My reward? A necklace with the boggle!..

What is with the boggle? He's rather conceited I think. I would however, like to know more of him and this places history in general..

Still in need of more items I keep looking. Till at last I find the last of the items the Elder Shroom folk need. Also I do one last change of clothing.

Which I quickly bring to them and set down

What joy! the mist this time is PINK!!

As I receive my reward the night starts to lift, morning has come. I hope that is a good sign. My reward is two small mushroom folk of my own. I am not sure if they are sentient or not. I shall take good care of them and see..

There is little change in the others, But the cure was only just given. Hopefully they will heal with time..

Still in need of one last crystal I keep searching till I find it..

And head back to the cave to place them down.

A yellow mist this time..

and the reward is a boggle themed arm band. Why the crystal gave me a Boggle item and not a CRYSTAL item I do not know..

I turn to head back out the caves entrance.....

And find myself stepping out back in Chakryn atop the mountain!

Filled with a new hope to find the last of the balls I set to searching and after nightfall I find them all at last!

and I am rewarded by, More mushrooms!

Forests can be odd, Magic ones more so. I think its time for me to go back to my own magic forest and rest.

If you read all that bravo! I wont do that often though. I hope you enjoyed it. It's not exactly what I wanted but I think it will do!

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