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30 October 2009 @ 08:31 am
Steelhead post!  
Random Steelhead photos, just trying to clean out the photo folder quickly...

SHots of the newest steelhead Sim. Steelhead shanghai.

It was a merdance...

Our Dj was a SNORK!

Vels...umm...YUMMy..that's all..

*has a thing for tiger guys...NO COMMENTS!*


THe baron as a dog fish

I forget who this was, but fantastic avatar

Lunar did not feel a need to dress up..

Not to self..lower that hair down some next time I wear it..

I have no idea..really I don't..

I should say "horse" race, as we had everything from me on Violet skies, to a steam powered Skateboard, to a Pegasus, a racing snail, various other steam vehicles and AN ELEPHANT!

And Vels again...He won..I HAD been up in the lead but sim crossing lag got me BAD

The moon was just..WOW..another amazing build by Tensia and Lunar

During the harvest festival they had a hunt that went through all of the Steelhead sims. I managed most of it, but RL kept me from finishing it.

NEver been down into the mines before

Took a break from the hunt to go to the formal ball

in shanghai

yes, that is what you think it is..its also a REAL building, like in America. I'd need to look up what its called..

I loved the seals.

And that's what I have of Steelhead right now.

I should make a steelhead Icon too..

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