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30 October 2009 @ 03:57 pm
Thank Goodness!!  
Looket me on a roll clearing out the photo folder

mind you that's cause I've been taking a bazzlion and one photos of various haunted attractions about SL. Most of those I will do the thumbnail pages with and put them all on one entry.

Anyway...OZ!...Photos of the None bunny kind..mostly

In fact most are from the Oziversary that just happened.

These first few shots where taken the same day I took the panned over shots of the Ozimals sim..Laughing flowers outside the farmhouse!

The cyclone comes and goes..it wasn't there during Oziversary..

The tin mans new too..you click him and he changes poses!

ANd this ship as well,


next shots are from Oziversary, which is the one year birthday of the Magic of OZ sim

this..is a freaking awesome cell shaded avatar I saw while waiting for the sim to Rez fully..

The story behind the way the Oziversary was set up was that The wicked Witch of the West...*aka Elpheba* took over Oz..for the hunt they did this time you had to track down SILVER slippers instead of Ruby.

Which if you know your OZ is the color the shoes where in the books. They got turned the more well known red in the movie cause MGM wanted to show off the brand shiny new Technicolor technology.

SO everything about the Sim was darker, even the yellow brick road and Munchkinland!

I have this ghost pumpkin out on my now land now ..

They had a photo contest..I entered..here the shots I took for it..click to see them full sized



I was going to enter two shots into the contest, one in the photo only and one in post process..but then reread the rules and saw you could only enter one..these are the shots I took for the post process..


And here are the shots I entered! Photo only..oh we where allowed to crop..

ANd what would have been my post process one..

I of course didn't win :P as usual.

And that's one more set of photos down!

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