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01 November 2009 @ 08:11 pm
Still working on the haunted Halloween places. I'm going to all the ones in the hotspots listing. I have two left. Plus I went to haunted places not listed as well. So LLOOTTSS of photos. Each place will be thumb nailed up and all of the will be posted in one entry.

Anyway taking a break to do more older photo cleaning out. This post. Photos taken during the Oubliette Pieces Of You Halloween Hunt. Oubliette is the sim that Evei's closet is on and it is a STUNNING sim. I had never really looked around it much before but WOW. its just gorgeous. And the owners change it up seasonally, so right now it has a fall theme to the plants and landscaping.

I didn't get nearly as many shots as I could have. I must go back again later.


I'm wearing an evie's dress during it all of course Muse II in green.

I don't know if this cemetery area will stay up after October but it had some nice poses in it and was a really nice graveyard.

The flowers giggle! I need to figure out how to get ahold of some of these myself. I think they where originally from last years Burning life and oz has a set too.

There are hidden Goddess faces all OVER the place.

And random poses..

I liked the pumpkins.

Lovely underground caves

Ruins with dancing!

Twirl twirl twirl

SUnbeams on the ocean are lovely

MOOSE!! the moose made me giggle

ANother face

And a fairy ring

YEt another face

ANd some crystals in a cave

And that's what I have of Oubliette. I must go back for more later..

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