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07 November 2009 @ 12:50 pm
Haunted places.  

I have WAY WAY to many photos from these places to put them up like normal. So each one has been thumbnail and turned into a gallery. Faster, easier for me.

If I don't include a surl its because it was an October only event and since I am posting this in November, well the build isn't there anymore. Sorry!

Curse of the Mummy's Tomb

Remember the Isle of Fright last year? Same sim new Halloween theme! This year Kate turned the island into a fantastic haunted desert. The zombies and spiders and other beasties where there, as well as new fun things. My Zombie whacking stick didn't work on them though. There was a quest to solve a riddle, that I did not manage to do. The pyramid maze was really hard and I got tped home a lot..which sucked as you had to start ALL OVER from the beginning then. I am now eagerly awaiting to see what she does to the sim for Christmas

Haunted Isle of Wyrms

Isle of Wyrms set up a spooky area for Halloween. A mini hunt, a build a monster contest that I got no photos of, and they turned the cathedral dragon black and orange!

Haunted New Babbage

A few areas in New Babbage Halloweened it up. I loved the big pumpkin head on Tiny Tin's head. I am pleased that I got a photo of the ghost train. It was taken after Halloween and the train ONLY shows up at night.

Murder Mystery ball

Octobers ball and build contest. Theme? Murder mystery masquerade, with working coffin build contest.

Random haunted places

Some random places about SL that has Halloween stuff. I forgot to get links or anything.

Haunted Steelhead

Steelhead was great, there was a spooky house contest and a number of folk entered it. And they put some ghosts in the mines. I decorated my store but forgot to enter the contest. Oh well. It still looked neat.

Mouselands Haunted Mansion    SURL

This, is a replica of the Disney Haunted Mansion and OMEGA was it detailed and well done! You get given a hud that preloads textures and sounds so very little waiting while on the doombuggy. I was so pleasantly surprised by the way they managed to include all your favorite bits from the real life ride. A MUST see for Disney buffs year round.

I still haven't explored the whole sim, if the rest of the place is as good as this, I will be SUPER ultra impressed.

Haunted Coal mines in Steeltopia    SURL

I had fun exploring these. The cart ride has two routes so of course in took both. And I'm still not sure if I found all the little side trips you can take while down there. It was great fun. I was told I might need my zombie smacking stick but didn't find a need to use it.

Dark Dharma Haunted Manor    SURL

This place was ok, I wasn't really impressed by all the for sale boxes set about to buy the items in the house. Though I may go back for the spooky tea party scene..

Bentham Manor   SURL

This place is owned by the same person that owns Bentham Forest. It was, ok, Again I was not impressed by the vast amounts of boxes to buy things set about, However the things for sale where quite well made. Just ruined the ambiance for me. And the main house is the EXACT same house used in Dark Dharma, I didn't bother to check to see who got it from whom. But still, walking into it was a bit of..HEY I've been in this house before.

Also Zombie smacking stick got used here. But damage wasn't enabled so if I got bit I wasn't sent home.

Looter's Ghost Town and Abandoned Mine  SURL

I enjoyed this place. It has a little mystery to solve, which I did far faster then I thought would take. I DID need my zombie smacking stick here, and again, no damage so no getting sent home.

Willow Grove Haunted House  SURL

This place, took for freaking EVER to fully rez everything. They really could use the preloader hud that Mouseworlds uses. Its a ride and your really NOT supposed to get off it and walk through. I managed to one night after riding it several times in a row and not rezzing everything or being able to take the shots I wanted. Didn't get caught that time but on a return trip to show my house mate something I got caught and TPed home.

Now I do recommend if you go you ride it, there are a number of effects triggered by the cart, but if your after photos, its gonna take a while to get them.

Most of the rooms have a horror movie theme to them. There's a few that I couldn’t place the move but then I don't know all the slasher flicks out there. I mostly want to know what the one with the corn field is. Which is what I was showing my house mate to ask him if he knew when suddenly I was at home.

I would recommend this one more if they weren't so anal about not walking through the very SLOW rezzing ride. Really, its ridiculous how long it took this place to rez fully.

And that's all he places I went to. Behind the cut are a few shots of what I set up on my home sim for the season

A couple pumpkin guardians. They are both animated and hop up and down and fly about.

He was also in OZ


How could I NOT get the pink pumpkin!

I found a pumpkin tree and some ghosts. The ghosts made WOOOHEEAOOHHH noses that by the end of October I was SOO glad to be ride of..


Oh yeah it had basket cages you could sit in..


And that was my Halloween around the Grid. Anyone find any other neat

Anndd...WOW, with the exception of some randomness and Breezies Rez day party the only stuff in my photos folder are a couple places I'm not done taking photos of! That's a big clean out of the folder! places?

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