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11 May 2008 @ 02:20 pm
Been a bit  
So..yes it's been a week or more since I posted here.

There are two reasons for this. One, Joplin Renaissance faire happened. I'm on cast for that. It was GREAT. Loads of fun but tired me out. The second reason is not so much fun. IN an attempts to get secondlife to RUN on my own computer we got me a cheep new one. My Hard drive would not work as the master in it, so I tried to ghost it onto the new hard drive. In stead I ghosted the NEW hard drive onto it! LOST EVERYTHING *sobs again* years of my life poof. Thankfully we found a back up from 2006 and have found that a place in town near me can retrieve stuff. So we're going to do that.

But I've had to play reinstall programs. and I'm currently downloading the contents of my web sight so I can have all the photos I still am missing. Which includes ALL my secondlife stuff. I still wont have anything I didn't upload before the thing happened. But I'll have everything I did. And I have more to show off in a bit.

Some news. I have given up on trying to own land on Isle of Wyrms. It's been three weeks since I put in my application. And I've heard they are redoing the way they rent land so its automated. And a LOT of people have been waiting on the ability to rent land there. So today, when two parcels came up for sale in Brythony Caer Llyr near where my old land was, I snapped them up. I now own over 1000 prims! *dances* and I have land on the shoreline! What we did was I bought the larger land and moved the ownership of my older land to the newer one as the smaller of the two plots was the exact same size as my old land. If Adar still wants to try to get land when IoW opens up its rentals He can, we wont be right next to each other, but I wont mind that.

I was in the middle of terraforming it and trying to put the tree house up when Secondlife went down. So no photos yet. But there will be! I had a lagoon carved out for fishing and mer stuff. I plan to put my tree house up, Fayth's house and a smaller pretty one for the heck of it. I've found the pond I first had that Tearsong had given me and will be putting it back up, it will be connected to the lagoon by a stream. I MAY put up the old pond too haven't decided yet. And lots of flowers! I can't wait! So much prim now! *bounces* Turlock may even be putting up something in the sky. And we may put a small island in the middle of the lagoon.

And it looks like Second life is back up. I'll do a mass photo post later.

Here's the Surl to my new land http://slurl.com/secondlife/Brythony%20Caer%20Llyr/96/208/34
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