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17 May 2008 @ 07:02 am
Photo Dump  
Been working on my new land, it's almost done, just tweaking a few things. I have a ton of photos but want to pop up the none land older stuff first. Text links since there are TONS.

Ado and I mucking about IOW in my boat

Ado and I mucking about IOW in my boat, part two

May day Dance in IOW

Another shot of the may day dance

Ado found a hug gesture and used it, Had a BAD day that day and boy did I need that hug, Virtual or not.

Goofing around in the IOW sand box

Ado sent me this one, called Fae watching.

Another Fae watching one

FIshing at the 7seas main area with Ado and her friend Goldsong

I got all the bits to make the inner tube, and BOY is that thing hard to control

Another fishing shot

Chilling in our tubes

I fished in Dragon form for a bit. Scared some poor guy when I came up out of the water like this.

Dragon's don't fit in Inner tubes

Don't really fit in Boats either.

But I fit better then in the tube


My first Fishing Contest!

gave up on the tube, switched to the dock I came in forth

And at the contest I got the last bit to make the personal boat. Here's me and Ado in it

The next bit of photos are from when Ado and I went to the Greenies home. This place is AWSOME. I'll get the surl for it later, don't have Second life up. It's made so your TINY. About action figure size, and the kitchen your in is being raided by itty bitty green aliens

Messing with the matchbox cars

And I managed to set myself on fire

The cars don't move *pouts*

tAdo zoomed up to me in this thing, it's awesome!


The Rat is bigger then the cat, erm the anthro cat that is me

Cat on Cat

Ado found this..don't ask, just..don't

Itty Bitty Space ship!

Poor lil guy

And then we left to go to a fishing contest

Pretty nice setup

Final scores!

I gots a trophy

All of us with our trophies and the host, the spiky chick

Me and a new wyrmling down in the drum circle area.

Oh I have a new body shape, the outfit I have on in this came with it and I liked how much lither and taller it was then the one that came with my cat body parts

I have NO idea, I saw them when I went to go get crystals to make teleporters out of for the land

WWEEE carousel !!!

I went to the storytellers meeting Friday night. THere was dancing afterwards and some folks had some cool avatars

Like Mr line drawing here

After that I went to a dance with a Broadway theme! Everyone had to come dressed as a character from a play or musical.

Guess what I wore:P

I actually have a few choices I could have, the one I went as, two outfits for that one in fact, Eliza Doolittle, Dorothy Gale, or Mary Poppins!

Or naked and be from Cats :P

Can you name some of the character?

And that's it for the ones not of the land. Since I'm still tweaking things I'll wait to post those till I'm done. I THINK I am but not sure.

PLUS Adar bought my old plot and is putting a cave with his hoard on it! It's going to look awesome when he's done. He had had a mini hoard inside my tree, parts of its still there too.

But that's it for now.
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