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My worst December EVER has at last gone away. My RL birthday is past as well. Been busy so I haven't had time to make up this post sooner. Didn't feel UP to it after the events of December either. But now I shall. As I have WAY to many photos in my saved photo folder.

This post will be all the Christmas places I went in December. I'll do them like I did the Halloween ones. On separate pages.

Pretty much none of these places look the same anymore. So I wont link to surl's. I posted those back in December anyway. As nearly all the places are where I took a daily count down photo at.

I've got some none Christmas themed stuff to post. As well as the new Ozimals sim. And tonight I'll be exploring a place that will be vanishing tomorrow.

But for now, heres some late Christmas stuff! In approximately the order I visited them in.

Oubliette at Christmas

I was in the Oubliette sim several times over the month. It's still all wintry as well, just less Christmasy. I love how they change the sim to fit the season.

The moose is gone though. I looked ALL over for it. Did find a really nice gargoyle though.

Happy Mood Christmas Globes

The Happy Mood sim put up these fantastic "snow globes" way in the air. Three of them each with a different theme. Really nice looking.

DId have issues in them though. I tried to change my outfit in one TWICE and each time it caused some massive inventory issues. JUST these globes, or maybe the sim itself.

I don't know if I like the globe with the village or the one with the rabbits and deer better. Liked the Pig one least.

IOW at Christmas

These where actually taken over the course of the month. They both had an ice dragon festival AND the Winter Solstice hatching.

I put the halo over the Easter Island heads!

There was a Hatchie presentation of the Nutcracker. I had to leave during it though so I didn't get a whole LOT of photos of it.

Gardens of Absentia

One of the many Winterfest Sims I visited. Lots to see and do and explore. I even forgot to go back and go inside the caves behind the polar bears waterfall..

Chess Joined me at it as well, for some ice skating!

The Quiet: Further Away and Further Apart

This was a quite peaceful spot. Mostly wide expanses of Snow. I think its still there. So search for the name.

New Babbage holiday ball

New Babbage's monthly ball at the Piedmont had a Christmas theme of course. Steam Santa flew down and visited. I crashed out and had to go out so I didn't stay for the whole thing.
Bare Rose Angel Hunt

Bare Rose had one of there fantastic Story line hunts. THe prize was that bleu outfit with the angle wings I wore one day. It was a rather easy to find the stuff hunt. But the visuals where stunning.

You had to help a dog out by being its "guardian Angel" and guide him through several life threatening situations. I'd go grab the note card text but I'm not logged onto SL right now.

you start out in Angel central. Go to a maze like town, A bridge that may fall down. A train wreak that is frozen in time. and end up in a garden.

I lost the landmark

As the link says. I lost the landmark and totally don't remember what this sim was called. But it was STUNNING. I loved it. It was just gorgeous. I spent several days there taking photos. I wish I could find the landmark so I could go back and see what it looks like now.

I loved the castle and the underground area best.
Tuckborough at Christmas

Just a few shots of Tuckborough all done up for the holidays.

And lastly..for the thumbnail pages anyway ..Steelhead at Christmas

I went to all the places listed in the Steelhead holiday decorations contest and took photos. I entered both the Teahouse and my Shop. And The teas house won! At least I am assuming it was the teahouse. They just said I won and no one was sure if it was for the teahouse or my shop. I'm rather proud of how I did up both places but the Teahouse more so.

SOme of the other homes and stores where quite festive though!

And now, behind the cut are a few random shots from places I didn't explore more. As well as shots of the decorations I had up on my home land.

Just a lovely holiday scene in a store..

This was at Divivity. VIvian had set up a Santa alt and when you TPed in they asked you want you wanted for Christmas. You could ask for ANYTHING she sells and get it for free. I get about 75% of my food items from her and took the opportunity to get something for the teahouse.

However when I went to go sit on Santa's lap, it was the only thing you had to do to get the item. this weird Penguin guy was there and wouldn't leave. He eventually turned into a "balloon fur" and was..rather disturbing.

But hey it wasn't porny just..weird. I left quickly though.

I..totally do not remember where I saw the Santa Zombie...but it was strange enough to take a photo. They kept rezzing on the street. I think your supposed to be able to shoot them or something..

ANd now we get to my land!

FIrstly the Christmas present from Perfect Prefabs, which I also had outside the Teahouse.

If I ever get my own sim, be it a full sim *I wish* or a homestead again. I am SO turning the land winter in Christmas so the snow stuff wont look weird.

On the balcony of the tree house

inside the house

Just outside, THe lamppost is at all three of my places in SL. it plays music!

Down by the docks

and the holiday items at the tea party

And that's it for my Christmas photos!

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