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12 February 2010 @ 05:46 am
Ok, I have the time now and I am thinking about it, so I am now going to make the post about the Ozimals sim that opened up next to the Magic of Oz early January.

January was really busy for me RL wise so thats why this has taken so long.

And because I don't FEEL like doing it, no link to a page, all the photos I took are behind the cut! And I took a LOT so be forewarned!

oh and SURL http://slurl.com/secondlife/Ozimals/112/26/23

That's the area I started at.

We'll start with a pulled back view of both sims. These photos were taken in early January so Oz is still snow covered for winter. Once both sims are green I think they will blend together fabulously. And I hope next winter both sims will be done over. It will be fun to wait and see what happens.




And now for the sim itself. It opened on my RL birthday, which is also Elvis Presley so they had a Elvis dance. Which I didn't make as I was being treated to a Tea party myself.

However there was also a MAD tea party set up on Ozimals..!


Bunnies Bunnies every where


And mushrooms!


The sim is landscaped beautifully.

A lot of the bunnies about are not Oz bunnies but still bunnies that will always be there and do not move. But are still pretty gosh darn cute.

There are several empty houses scattered about. I didn't look to close to see if they where for sale or rent. All of them are quite nice and very different.

They had a lil mini quest to get a free bunny and I did it. Here is the Ozimals store on MoO where you claimed your prize originally. It got moved later to cut down on sim lag and to many avatars.

All the items you collected.

The mini hunt done its exploring time!

Found s nice table


LOVED this crystal pond. Wish it was for sale I'd buy it in a heartbeat. The sim is decorated in a lot of custom stuff by the people that did Oubliette, Moo and several other sims that's names escape me at the moment.


Lil walled garden

Flowers flowers flowers

Going under the bridge!

Strawberry market place


Fairy bunny statues!


Some lovely bunny houses

And here it is, the main store where you buy bunnies and food.


Buns in the window!

Mushrooms mushrooms mushrooms!

Just relaxing


The big mushrooms are BOUNCY..you run into them and go BOING up into the air! it was fun

More mushrooms!

Come dance in the fairy circle with the fae!

The circle had some of the most lovely dancing animation I've seen. Again I'd buy em if I could find where to buy em at. Loved how my dress flowed with this dance as well.


Someone's been to Bentham forest!

I fell in the water and the mushrooms looked so cool like this I had to take a photo.


Not fully rezed skully flowers and a spider.


And soon I am back where I started...BUT I had heard a rumor of a doorway to a secret area and I went off in search of it.



Up to BunnyBury I went..which I believe is Bunny Heaven..

Bunny angles..or bunny fairies..you decide!


And now meet my new buns!

This is Truffles and Velvet. Truffles is the brown one

These two live at my home


Bunnicula and Caramel Cream..Guess which is which!

They live in the tea house

And Tensai and Lunar. Named after Steelheads owners. They also live in the teahouse and I was amused with how close the bunnies match their namesakes in coloration.

Awake now!


Baby bunnies are TINY!!



This is me holding a baby bun

And now me holding a full grown beta bun

So you can see the size difference!


And that's it for Ozimals! I do have another large set of photos to get out. And some randomness I may get to those this weekend. I have found several new places just screaming to be photo explored.

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