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18 February 2010 @ 08:24 am
Pandora on SL  
So like, everyone and their cat I saw Avatar in December.

Naturally, considering the name of the film and aspects of it, Secondlife has followed suit and now you can find Na`vi avatars and Pandora themed Sims and areas. Some better done then others.

Behind the cut are my photos as I explore one of the sims. http://slurl.com/secondlife/Pegase/64/216/1012

For once I dressed the part. Look Everyone no Fae Kitty! But...erm..Fae Na`vi? Ok yeah no wings but I did tint my hair pink! And you see a WHHOOLLEEE lot more of my skin then I usually show off.

Eh You'll see what I mean behind the cut.

I visited back in the middle of January and when I popped in just now to grab the SURL the entry area has changed some. No idea of the ground has.

ANd here we are, the landing point. LOOK vendors! There's a WHOOOLLEEE lot more now to buy too. Took some time for folk to get all their stuff up. I was picky about my shape and wanted to make sure it had the nose right. Most still had a humanish nose and not the flat feline like nose the Na`vi have.

anndd look, there's my blue butt. Before I tinted the hair. WHich was another thing I was picky about. I wanted hair with the, linking braid thingy in it. This one has it. And a recent update I got last week has the braid thingy SEPARATE so if I ever feel like it I could get other styles and shove the braid thing in.

I liked this persons take on the skins. WIth the different colors instead of just Blue. yeah not cannon but cool looking.

I like the purple one showing.

I have no freaking CLUE how they add all that ground around the sim.

And at last I go down to the ground. I do not know why I look so..confused.

So far I am not impressed with the landscaping. It does not hold up to the movie at ALL.

Those are neat though..



This would be the Home tree. Personally, I find it rather ugly and lacking.

Now to explore. WIth my OOC tag slapped on, which you can't see as its hover text.

This is not a cave, this is the entrance to the home tree.


Inside the home tree.

Some one gifted me one of the ..floating plant spore things. Oh and look hair is now tinted pink!

I think the Na`vi is attracting a lot of exhibitionists to the RP so they can get away with wearing next to nothing..

The avatar I got came with a emote facial expression hud. Which I never get to play with since HEY cat head! So i played with it some.

Now to explore. I can NOT find a decent Na`vi AO so I had to use my old DNA one which just..didn't fit.


Well the Sim scaping is lovely. The plants...still not that impressed.


The.. spirit .. magic ..s ex ..tree thing..



Ok these where neat. You walked into them and they sucked themselves in and shrunk.

Not a CLUE what this is

However you sit in it apparently.


And that was my adventure on ONE pandora Sim. I may go and explore others. But this one. Not all that impressed, unless it has changed in the month since I was at it.

And nope, no icon to match.

and now I can go take photos of OTHER areas with out feelig guilty about not having posted these.

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Softpaw,  the fae kitty of roses and columbinesoftpaw on February 18th, 2010 07:40 pm (UTC)
No, because to many people on SL like to max out the sliders and walk around like amazons at 7 foot tall.