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19 March 2010 @ 12:59 am
My Linden home  
So, Yeah, I got a Linden home. I had the ability to do so being a Premium member. So HEY why not use it?

I of course chose the fantasy themed area Elderglen and picked the house style called Abbot's Haven. Why that one?

THe Giant mushroom behind it of course!

My home is on a sim called Echidna *Surl* And I named it Fae Kitty Manor. I haven't done much with it, I have 117 prims to play with. Still trying to decide what I want to do with that little amount.

BUT I do have photos. Most taken the day I got it. The last taken more recently after they added some customizable stuff to them.

I've been by the Elderglen Info Hub area and it is LOVELY, but I didn't take photos yet. *surl* I had really only dropped by it to grab the box of free textures used in the Fantasy sims houses.

Photos behind the cut!

Outside the house

Welcome to my home!

Aerial view! Mushrooms!

Back of the house, and my Mushroom tree

Inside it, this is the living room with the fireplace

Wide shot of the sim

And this is a shot after they added the ability to change things, note the pink windows ANd the mushroom is now blue with a purple base.

Now..to find nice fantasy looking low prim furniture to put in it! And some plants..and I'm thinking a bunny..maybe...

Do come visit!

..oh I should add one of my online indicator mushrooms to it..that'd be useful..

Oh and I still have my other land.
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