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20 March 2010 @ 05:07 am
Clean cup clean up move down!  
While I'm in the middle of redoing the plants..again, I thought to post what I did inside the teahouse for Valentines and St. Patrick's.

Right now its being redone for Spring/Easter. Still working on it not really happy with how it looks right now. So I haven't taken any photos of the inside set up for Easter yet.

For Valentines I went with a complete Rose theme. Roses, roses and more roses! And a few Hearts.

However before showing the Roses off, LOOK Bunnicula asleep INSIDE their house. On his own, I did not put him in it.

Now for the roses..I left certain items in place of course. Just like in the winter.

The big tree in the middle has heart flowers and a kissing animation in it.

All dressed up

Table of Valentines treats. The tray closest to the bottom of the photo was my Christmas gift from Divinity's Santa.

The roses stated up till the end of February. Then I switched it out. I wasn't sure WHAT I wanted to do, dive right into spring or do something for St. Patrick's. I asked and St. Patrick's won!

What did I do? Clover and Mushrooms and a rainbow of course!

Mushrooms, I of course have LOTS of those. Some of them I didn't even have to make giant! And they have seating in them.

Table full of Irish treats. Irish tea, shortbread, Irish Stew

Fairy Circle

The pot did NOT come with the Rainbow, but if you clicked it you got a gold coin.

Hidden fairy!

And that's it all "Irished" Up.

Now to figure the place out for Easter. SPRING I can do but tossing I Easter touches is different. Not sure how obvious I want it to be.
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StargateDragonstargatedragon on March 20th, 2010 03:59 pm (UTC)
absolutely lovely!

I'll be sure to pay you a visit when I get online again - recuping right now, but definitely planning my return!