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27 March 2010 @ 01:01 am
And now for something completely different..part one  
So, apart from small side trips to stores, meetings, the tea garden and the place in my last post, I have spent the last SEVERAL days exploring a single sim. Needless to say I took a LOT of photos in this place.

What place was it?

Lemondrop's Forest.

It is SO SO much fun! There is just so much TO it. I am sure I missed something even in my long and careful exploration.

Of course I took loads of photos..So many I had to do the thumbnail thing. You can see them all here

But not only do some of the photos just NEED commenting on, but the place really lends itself to telling a story like I did with Bentham forest a while ago. May end up being more commenting then story though. Depends on the mood I am in when I work on this.

So behind the cut are photos, done in a kinda mix of story and..HEY this thing is neat, or weird. However it will not be ALL the photos, because that was nearly 300 of them.

A 300 foot tall rutabaga that's what.

This is the sim from a wwaayyy pulled back view..and there is even something STILL above the tops.

Oh and the sim time setting is permanently at midnight. I more or less left it at that unless I wanted to get a daytime shot to show details of something.

SHots of the sim from several angles and at night below..


A night time shot to show all the glowy stuff.

And this is what I wore while exploring. Its the pink Ambrosia outfit by Caverna Obsucra. I love it so much.

Some shots of the area you TP into. I WISH I knew how to take video as this place was awesome with animated textures and moving stuff. Oh and this is INSIDE the giant pink rutabaga..

The sim's "tip jar" You buy a box of cookies

Wear it..

and then BOOM cookie explosion..

RIght after my cookies went boom the Sim owner/creator arrived. She's such a cute lil thing. She remarked on my Fae ness

She set loose a couple temp Rideable balloons and left after a bit of chatting. I went floating on one for a bit.  She also took the pot of gold and rainbow away.

I sat here on top of a billboard roof waiting for the place to rez fully.

Though when I found this awesome jungle gym I hung about there for a bit as well.


Tiny house and ugly Bug.

The tiny house is actually an Ozimals bunny house! I've read about it in SL blogs. It has a carrot patch on one side.


I just like these shots.

Talk about your giant mushroom houses! Oh and later I pick up a less detailed on the inside FREE copy of this house!

Teacup chairs!

It's apparently Lemondrop's house..

They are, kinda sized for her.  I'm a bit to big.


This is a wee bit better.

The chest opens and spews bubbles and makes noise every so often.

And the clock springs out a glove and some items bounce about..


In the back room

They pick up the axes and a trumpet sounds

And lastly, snuggling with the teddy bear

Done with exploring the start area its time to head off...hrrmm...where too..

Don't really like the sounds of Poopsburgh..and it and Lemonville are in the same direction...so..to the airport I go!!

Heading down a..not so dark and extremely Not scary road..

Someone has issues flying..or at least LANDING planes it seems..


I try the fairy plane..but..not so go with it. I have wings of my own for a reason after all..


I spot a lil dock and walk down to it and take a seat.  Also played with the sun settings. Sunrise and Sunset both look very nice here.

All done with the airport I head back down the path I took. Then I look up ..much darkness above me..and some planes..

WHich I can ride on..

Now..I guess its time to head to the towns. ..


And I have decided to break this up into parts...so..next part LEMONVILLE!! *edit* I never did finish this..

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