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Randomy randomness

So, since I think anyone really cares if I finish posting all of Lemondrops forest..I'm not gonna :P There was a link with all the photos in it in my first post about it anyway.

So now I give you a post full of Random photos taken over the past two months.

*peers at the selected photos*

ok its mostly steelhead...so instead of random I will turn this into a steelhead post..CAUSE I CAN!!!

Steelhead Dances

Lunar and Tensai of late have been making some FANTSTIC builds for the dances. HEre's some shots of some of them.

The Wonderland Dance

The Oz Dance

I..don't think Lunar built this ship, and if I recall it wasn't even in steelhead, but its neat

Chaos at a town meeting.

I don't know who started tossing the pies

Me tooling about Steelhead in my new car

you may know it


It is so awesome. It transforms makes the right sounds and is just uber cool

Oh and to be funny I am in my Mary Poppins Jolly Holiday outfit and check out the street sign *giggles*

The teahouse in its Easter Finery

ANd these are me posing in a very special gown I got. Last year it was auctioned off for RFL and Breezy won it. I had bid but it went WAY out of my price range. Well Breezey told Kembri she could sell it to the general public recently and I got like one of the first copies! It's just stunning.


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