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Holy crap she's making a post!

Not that I think anyone bothers to LOOK at the photos I post ..but HEY It's a post! And I'm making it..

Anyway links to photo pages! And a few special ones behind a cut...then another post about a neat place next..

Ostara Sabbat ritual at Faery crossing

http://softpaw.org/LJimages/SL/Ireland/ An Irish themed sim *I do not have the SURL handy* I visited on St Patrick day. It was lovely.

http://softpaw.org/LJimages/SL/The%20Gift/ I will warn you these are HUGE HUGE HUGE..I ran into Faery Sola at the Fae and Elven Pride during that event and she gifted me with her newest pose The Gift . I wanted to do something really nice with the pose so I went to Chakryn, hauled my Husbands avatar online and took some photos. I really like how the pose made for a tender yet magical scene with him. If you don't want to see the hugeness I and I mean REALLY BIG* I put one of them behind a cut.

http://softpaw.org/LJimages/SL/randomyrandom/ Random stuff tossed together. Umm..lets see Bunnies..neat random shots..I was at a Dance that Ambrose was DJing and everyone got given these dance orbs that did wicked cool things to your avatar so I took photos.. oh and I managed to see Caledon's Brigadoon for once. It only appears a few hours every month!

http://softpaw.org/LJimages/SL/Turtleclam/ And some big news..I am trying my hand at raising Turtles and Clams. I love Oz bunnies, but didn't really get into the whole genetics thing they have. They are adorable but HARD to breed. Turtles and Clams are done by color and glow and stuff, easier on the sim then Chickens and lower prim. I still have some buns but going to see how I can manage selling turtle eggs and Clam pearls.

I'm loving the turtles so far. I took down my old treehosue with the cave in the bottom as I NEVER went into the house, why use up those prims? Put in a walled Garden that creative Fantasy came out with that has a lovely pond in the middle. Turtles are in there. Got the basic starter pack then found out you can get some really NICE glows and shines for around 20L by either this one seller going out of business or lucky dips. So I have quite a few lovely ones now. Oh and a special SPRING turtle.

See every so often the turtles give out a rare egg, like a spring egg, or a birthstone..and I have the spring!

They start out so tiny! but grow up in a week and BOY to they lay eggs. There is also a points system for trading in unwanted eggs for items. No waste there if you get a lot of eggs that wont sell!

You can also pick up a "wearable" turtle that you can make look like one of your own turtles. I picked the spring one.

I like the glowing turtles best. I am of course attracted to mostly the pink ones but I am trying to make sure I have a nice variety of colors to see what I get.

Clams..haven't grown much. I think they are slower to mature then the turtles. I have my clam bed down in front of the fishing docks with just the starter pack growing. I put on my new Evie's merform for some shots with them though.

Shots behind the cut

Next post! Bentham's Fae Fantasy Forest..yes the folk that brought us Chakryn forest and the uber Spooky Bentham Forest..have made a FAE forest..it's fantastic!

I will try to not let it go so long between posts...

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