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*pant pant*

Look I have a short BREAK in my busy Ren faire schedule to make a post!

Wow its been so busy but I have a bit of down time I am making a post now. No sewing projects now except my own!

So here we go, links to some recent photo stuff.

Lets start with the biggy, the one with the MOST photos. Relay for Life


I made it around the track fully not only ONCE but several times. I was determined. Why? This past year my Father in law fought off Prostate cancer.

I relayed for him, I relayed for my Aunt I lost to pancreatic cancer, I relayed for my cousin that had Breast cancer. I relayed for those I don’t know that have it.

Secondlife's Annual Relay for life ended with a bang..and a grand total of $222,804 US being raised over the months it went on. 8822.08 of it was raised JUST during relay weekend, on luminary bought alone. I don't have the stats on donations made any other way.

Many of the builds done for the track are just STUNNING. Lunar and Tensai's Alice build was a high point. The theme this year was Wish Upon a Cure so lots of fantasy things for me to take shots of. I know there’s a crap ton of photos to look through but do look at them!

And as an add on to the RFL, when it was over and time to break everything down. Tensai and Lunar took down the Alice build in the best way they know how. But blowing it up!


It was great fun to watch. And they played with the new havok 7 ,,thingy that one of the two sims they straddled had. So you could litterly SEE the differences between Havok 7 and havok 4.

Next up are shots from a Faery Crossing hunt. It was fun and a bit tricky to figure out the riddles.


You where tracking down bad Fae types. Finding clues and bits of them left behind.

I was on facebook a while back and saw an add for a Secondlife thing. I answered it and joined in a study on how people work together on Secondlife. It was actually quite fun. You had a mystery to solve on a steampunk themed sim.. And at the end of it I got 5000 Linden!


and last of the pages is for a sim based around a Norwegian Fairy tale called The Companion


You learn of the tale via note cards and interactive areas. It's quite a lovely sim as well. Pose balls all OVER the place. Your also given a recommended sky setting to use. To add the right atmosphere Surl is here

I wish there where more sims based on fairy tales. Other then the elevently billion Alice sims.

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