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29 May 2008 @ 12:36 am
Well that was interesting..  
Logged onto SL today and find my land has been invaded!

About a dozen folk from a group called St. DemeteR where down on my land. I TPed down to see what was going on and no one said a THING. And everyone was in the most bizarre forms. A guy with a giant frogs head, a weird dragon, and a giant carrot among others.

Elizabeth Burleigh was on so I Imed her to see what I should do. She came over and still no one was talking! I finally got a PM from the "leader" someone I had met last week with my friend Mandalore. She said it was some class but still, they could say SOMETHING when asked. They eventually all left with out saying a THING. But it was disturbing. And they messed up my swans rotation by SITTING on them..oye.

They eventualy left and me Elizabeth and customwings_may all went to Elizabeth's place and had tea. Turlock joined us. Then my SL crashed :P

I was so confused and baffled I didn't get a pic of the weirdness.

And now that I have a moment I will make the posts I have been meaning to. The past two weeks have been busy with sewing and cooking and a friend visiting in RL. Had lots of fun but not much time for LJ or SL.

As I mentioned above I have met Elizabeth Burleigh. she is one of Brythony's artists in resident. and is very nice! She and LeeLu Anatine opened up a teahouse and let me put some of my servable foods in it! Its a cute lil teahouse too.

I tell you what though, If I ever meet Amy Brown on SL, I am so going to have to NOT fan girl her...

Couple weeks ago Ado and I went to a maze located at http://slurl.com/secondlife/Costa%20Rica/199/76/25 it had all kinds of things in it. Was a little morbid at times but neat

She's Dead JiM!! *its a pose ball*

Mushroom meditation

Free wolf!

Free Fae cat!

I can't remember if it was the same day or later, but we went to Goldensand's new mer fishing game area that looks really neat And they have new fish to catch with the fishing Game!! What fish? MERFISH! So cool!

I've FINALLY gotten the mer pose balls on my property to work! So excited about that!

The little mercat

I love this shot of Ado in her merform.

The guys discovered Grendals . We've all gotten some crazy new forms. I now have a pick Cockatoo and a Pink Phoenix form! I should get photos of them. And Adar's robo kangaroo dragon thing.

BUT what's been really fun with Grendals is Ado and I have ben Drake Collecting! There's 20 of them and to get each type you have to track down the location to properly hatch them. Its fun! Even if you HAVE the cords of where to go its tricky to find.

First you get an egg carrier And wear it as you walk about the four sections of the Grendal's Sim. When I got my first one I looked at the map and picked a spot that had people. ANd I lucked out. The FIRST one I got was for the purple Fae Drakelet! ANd they sit on your shoulder just like my IOW familiar Sasha. When you find the location you have to park it there for about an hour while it hatches. At the purple Fae spot Someone else was there and we had a nice talk. He had TEN of them! Wow. He also gave me a sheet with a list of all the 20 kinds and round about locations of where to go.

But even WITH that its hard to find the spots! Ado and I went to find the location for Spirit Drakelet and it took us FOREVER. We got so lost in the tunnels it was at. But we found it after a good long search, it was a rather pretty place I pulled out my harp for a bit then we fished some while waiting. And at last we got it!

We've also gotten the Astral Drakelet. and that one was even harder to find. The location is the same cord wise, but the landmarks that they mentioned are GONE so we where so confused. You had to hover 300 meters in the air! Oye vey! Ado found the exact spot after I gave up and went to bed. So I went back later to get mine. Dunno what one we'll get next.

Three more photos.

Ado in my fish tank. I can not saw how much this amused me.

And two shots from the Memorial day service I went to. It had a Civil war theme and was very nice.

Photo one

Photo Two

And that's it, must get photos of new forms! And my land, And Adar's land and the fashion show...yes I will get those done eventually! *giggles*
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Lady Wolfsongladywolfsong on May 29th, 2008 05:58 am (UTC)
love seeing your photos! but why does the one labeled "free fae cat" show blood?
Fae kitty of Roses and Columbine, on Secondlifesoftpaw_sommer on May 29th, 2008 06:19 am (UTC)
Typo in the URL, fixed now