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You know..

I really should do the haunted Secondlife post BEFORE thanksgiving..

That would be a wise move ya think?

As usual some of these places are still about, SURL's are included if they are. If they where October only it will be stated.

I didn't get to nearly as many as they had listed in the Destinations guide A mix of lack of time due to working a RL haunted corn maze and well, a lot of them where just the same thing remixed.

First up! A haunted house at Heaven's Halloween Surl

It was silly but kind of not that interesting. I didn't even finish all of the things I could go to.

next up was a return to Spookyville of last year! Well kinda, last year it was known as Looter's Ghost Town and Abandoned Mine SURL


It was very cute and had a lot to see. No mystery to solve like last year though. Shame.

next up! A short trip into the realm of Cthulul..or at least I tried to


I rather gave up on the place, You get zombie attacked AT THE BLEEDING LANDING POINT!! and then no matter where I went..zombies. I wanted to explore not whack things with the zombie whacker. I'm sure it's a lovely sim, but I was in no mood to stick around to find out. I've even gone back since Halloween and the Zombies where not seasonal. Or at least hadn't been removed by the middle of November

it's still there but I'm not giving a surl in protest to the zombies


a haunted house who's name I seem to have lost oops..I just double checked my Surl and the place I thought was does NOT match my photos..

http://softpaw.org/LJimages/SL/Interactive/ It was..ok, got to be a lot of the same old same old. So I gave up. Really a girl can only take so much gore

So..moveing on to my fav place


and YES..its THAT Halloween town!! *surl*


When I made my visit there where some people dressed as Jack and Sally and I just love the place. My only wish was that it had a bit more interactive stuff. But, it looks like its still being worked on. It's pretty faithful, if not super detailed. but hey its a homestead sim, not as many prims to play with. Would love to see what the creator could do with a full sim!

Next up are shots of the Steelhead rise of the Spirits contest. Some fantastic builds got entered. I even did a total inside redo of the teahouse for it!


Oh and..I came in first!!

Next up was a Halloween murder mystery put on by several stores It was tricky! and hard to spot some of the clues


I spent an enjoyable afternoon up there looking around. It was just for October though.

And lastly some random shots from places I didn't feel like giving their own set

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