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05 June 2008 @ 02:09 pm
My forms!  
Done in alphabetical order more or less. Going by the folder name I have them under.

With one exception all of these photos where taken on my land so you'll be able to see a bit of my land as well. Might get the post of land photos up tomorrow. But don't hold your breath :P

Most forms have either something pink about them permanently, or wear the same fairy wings. This is something of a signature for me.

I'll say what the form is, post the photo, Mention where I'm at, then talk a bit more about why I have that form. Then TRY to list who made what, if I can remember. If I use something over I wont list its maker more then once.

I'm going to not make them clickable links so to see this post click the cut!

Please pardon the sometime cheesy poses I'm in. I used some model pose balls for most of these so my head didn't move.

First up, my normal form Anthro Fae kitty!

This is my normal me, The form I go about the most in. Kain was wonderful in getting it set up initially for me. He picked out exactly the wings I would have. The only permanent changes I've made since day one in Secondlife are a swishy tail and I've switched to a taller more selvete shape then the avatar came with. And of course I have many different hair and clothing styles

This is, the mental me. Honestly truly how I wish I could look in RL. I have the body shape set to as close to the real me as I can get, with the exception of I gave myself bigger boobs, because I have small ones in RL and have always wanted larger ones.

The body shape you see here is the one I use for nearly all my other humanoid forms. It's shorter then your average avatar at 5 10. But as I'm thin in RL I'm thin in SL as well.

Cat avatar is by Luskwood

Wings by Sevens

Hair by Calicos

Gown by Kouse

Tail by fa nyak

Skin is a system default skin. It is also my most used skin

Shape by Wraith Unsung. Again my most commonly used shape.

One of my newer forms. Bastest

face close up since its so dark

I picked up this form to "match" Mandalore's Anibus he's picked up. I'll have to get a shot of us together later when hes on. This is the one photo I took someplace other then my land. Someone on IoW has a Temple of Bast and I thought that would be the perfect place to take the shots at.

I tried to mod the skin to be more brown then black but couldn't get a color I liked. I may go back and try again later. I'd love to get this form to a ruddy red/brown like an Abyssinian cat. I switched out the tail with my normal one and made it match in color though.

Bastest has long been one of my favorite Goddesses. She's the only none Celtic Goddess I feel a connection to.

This form for obvious reasons has neither wings nor Pink on her. It just wouldn't fit.

Full avatar by Myst Panther


My still a work in progress cat form. Its still a work in progress as I can't get the skin on the FACE to match the rest of the body. They didn't have a cream cat, so I got the white one. the face is a tattoo, I haven't figured out how to get the texture off that so I can change its color to match the rest. I've tried Im'ing the maker and they where unwilling to do a quick color change for me even for money! Guh. Just on the skin that's all I needed. They did send me a semi transparent skin but it didn't really work. so until I can make it look right it doesn't get used much. Shame its a cute avatar with lots of animations and stuff.

Full cat avatar by Metamorphoses

My Centaur!

My cute lil appaloosa kitty Fae Centaur form! I make clip clop sound and other horsey sounds when walking about in this form.

I picked up this form after seeing Mandalore in his much larger one. I didn't want the female version of the style he got. It's...ah..fully functional and to get the female version you have to get the male version and keep the bits. Which I didn't want. I know some people enjoy playing other genders, I don't. And I sure as heck didn't want BOTH genders!

But I love centaurs and found this cute lil form. It didn't come with an upper body shape, so you can use what ever shape you wanted. So, I just grabbed my normal me and used it! The top was Ado's idea. It came with a form you'll see in a bit but works perfectly with this one too.

Centaur form by Hoof it Stables.


One of my silly bird forms I picked up. Cockatoos are one of my fav birds, So when I saw this at Grendals I grabbed it. The bird perch too! It came white but I changed it to pink with a purple crest.

I like cockatoos. One of my favorite birds.

Full Avatar by Grendals.

Cute lil Unicorn girl

My new cute unicorn girl!

Unicorns are one of my favorite animals. I was SO obsessed with them when younger in fact. Adar, Mandalore and I where wandering around a furry place when I saw someone in this avatar and asked them about it. I already have another one but this one is TONS better. you'll see the other one later.

I added the wings of course, and Modded the hair to be pink and purple. IT also comes with hand hooves but I just didn't like those. The hair in fact was a happy accident. I had turned it all purple, didn't like it all purple. So started selecting the hair parts to turn pink. Now the hair is part of the head so I have to pick each strand separately. Which is a pain and I never can get them all at the same time. So when some where pink and some purple I looked at it, LOVED how it looked and left it.

I'm standing in front of the crystal to Adar's cave so that's why the reddish glow.

Unicorn avatar by Aventity

Dress by Wishbox

Fae Dragon

My pink fae dragon! As you can see I've added my normal wings to it instead of the ones that it came with. why? I could. I met someone else that did this with a set of sevens wings so I went and did it myself. Would fit better if I was a full grown dragon and not a wyrmling. but. it looks good so :P

I'm inside the treasure room hidden in the tree trunk.

Form gotten so I could join IoW and because HEY its a fae dragon!

Dragon avatar by Daryth Kennedy


Drow form gotten at the request of Mandalore. I had mentioned to him I had no real humanoid forms, and he suggested a Drow. I knew Caverna Obscura had some lovely drow skins and outfits so I took myself there and picked them up. Then added some wings and different ears that you can touch.

I still probably should eventually make myself a fully normal human form. But I just can't find anything I like. Whats the fun of being human when you don't feel human to start with?


Face close up, still working on it, I don't feel its elegant and ethereal enough yet

Skin and clothing by Caverna Obscura

Hair by Calicos

Ears, eyes and wings by Sensations


my newest form. Is saw the clothing on Slexexchange and went looking for the form. Turns out the kiosk for it is right out front of Wraith unsungs place!
I hemmed and hawed over which color to pick , settled on the dark brown. I tried it with my kitty skin and face but it just didn't work. so I found this human skin that looked great with it.

The form is adorable. I have a lil goat tail that wags! And horns! So cute! And the panpipes really play! Just one song but hey they play!

I'm still pondering adding my wings to it or not.

Gotten, mostly for the cute.

Faun avatar by Riann Maltese

Clothing and pipes by Chernobyl Rasmuson

Hair by Calicos

Skin by I have no idea


Joke form grabbed on the same day as my other bird forms. Turlock keeps saying he associates me with Flamingos bird wish. this was the ONLY one I could find. It kinda sucks. it has this huge invisible prim bubble around it that not only turns my body parts invisible but certain other items when you look at through it as well!

Flamingo Avatar by the Devil of Creation


yes another bird. All my bird forms where super cheep and gotten more or less as jokes :P I like Hummingbirds. I tried to turn this one into a breed that's purple but while the parts you see are purple where moddable, the parts that are still green weren't. Annoying. However I do kinda like the look.

I'm a big humming bird though. You can see the normal sized one I have flitting about my land near it. That is in fact the color I was trying to turn myself into!

Avatar by Falcon Rayna

Kimono Mermaid

Not really a new "form" but a different version of my mer form. Picked up the tail and top from the same maker as Fayth's and Ado's mer form. So we'd "match" Its very cute though. And the top is the one I am using for my centaur. Ado Suggested that in fact!

The same person that this outfit also put together THE best Mermaid AO I have found. It's called Dramatic seas.

Tail and top by Kami-Hitoe

Haire By Sirena

Liger fae

I saw someone with this form and had to have it myself. Its so cute and expressive!

It's lazy though. I must have something switched because unless I'm walking or something I flop right over. makes me laugh.

Full avatar by Lost Ferals


And this would be my main mermaid form.

I decided to grab a mertail because I wanted to swim and most of the swimsuits I was seeing where uber slutty. ANd I have always been fascinated by merfolk anyway.

And then I found out how much fun it can be to be a mermaid on secondlife!

Tail by Sevens.

hair by Sirena


Picked up this form, mostly because the guys all got themselves naga forms so I wanted one too. Didn't like the ones they got, they have reptilian heads. But then found this one and liked it. it was a use with your own shape deal so on went the cat head! I think its a cute look myself. Hate the hud though. Needs more animations in it!

I also had to make the top myself. and adjusted the shape so it fit better with the tail. Makes me look SOO skinny but its better then having the hips poke out of the tail.

Naga tail by fa nyak who amusedly enough is the person that made my kitty tail!

Hair by Calico's


And the last of my bird forms. A Phoenix. Why? it was large and neat looking. I really thought about getting a peacock. but Female peacocks are so boring. this ones pretty! It was white but I turned it shades of pink.

Full avatar by Grendals.

Rose Mermaid

Again more a different clothing then form but HEy whatever :P I saw this tail and top and it was roses and I LVOE roses so grabbed it. It come with a poofy ting to make the rose petals appear all about. Theres next to nothing to the top though.

Rose Mermaid by Beertschi Lytton

Fae Spice Dragons.

Grendals has dragons. No where near as nice as the IoW dragons but they have dragons. this would be there Fae dragon.

The box with the form came with a whole range of colors. all with different spice names. this one is 'medley" others are like anise, pepper, fennel, they all look the same just colored differently. So instead of just a fae dragon to me their the spice dragons.

Full avatar by Grendals.


Erm, picked up cause I was in a weird mood and it looked neat :P

That's all there really is to say about this one

Full avatar by Dark Delights

Ears and Horns by Sensations


This would be my full unicorn form. I think of it as the full form of my anthro form. The horn shoots things! its funny.

Not really the sleekest unicorn out there but the best I can find so far.

Full Avatar by Grendals.

Unicorn girl

this would be the other unicorn girl I mentioned previously. As you can see the other one is better. At leas IMO. yeah this ones more realistic but the other ones cuter! I actually picked up several different fur colors for this form. trying to find one I LIKED and gave up. I have white, brown and tan. I did change the hair to rainbowy on one though.

Unicorn girl avatar by Dark Delights.

Outfit by I don't remember got it on slex

And there you have it. All my current full forms.

I may add others if I see something that really catches my eye. I'm pondering a fox girl and a panda girl if I see one I like. Open to other suggestion as well!

Hope you enjoyed that.

Comment! this post took me HOURS :P
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(Deleted comment)
Softpaw,  the fae kitty of roses and columbinesoftpaw on June 5th, 2008 09:14 pm (UTC)
What is it you'd want? I can look around

Though I have a small idea and if its your icon..ssoooo easily done.

Also might look around http://slexchange.com It doesn't have everything you can get on secondlife but its got a lot!

Edited at 2008-06-05 10:52 pm (UTC)
(Deleted comment)
Softpaw,  the fae kitty of roses and columbinesoftpaw on June 6th, 2008 03:15 pm (UTC)
You'd be able to get lorac with just the free "sliders" options VERY easily. The hair'd suck but you'd be able to get it. ..Slider hair tends to not look as nice as "prim" hair.

And I know where to go to get better hair ears and clothing to do that look right off the top of my head.

The possibilities are about near endless. They don't limit you to one set of races and set of color and clothing like wow and other mmmorpgs>
Robyn-Pi: Mushu: Tonguechaoticfayth on June 6th, 2008 04:12 am (UTC)
*wants a demoness form*


You've got way too much time in the way of playing with yourself...I mean Softpaw. XD
Robyn-Pi: Power Rangers: OMGchaoticfayth on June 6th, 2008 04:27 am (UTC)
Wait, wait, wait....


Fae kitty of Roses and Columbine, on Secondlifesoftpaw_sommer on June 6th, 2008 04:30 am (UTC)
Yes the kiosk that had Thad's Coytoe had a panda.
TearSong Vaughantearsongs_sl on June 6th, 2008 08:48 pm (UTC)
wow :P
You do have a lot of different forms, way more than I have actually. I do like the idea of listing them and showing pics so I might 'borrow' your idea and see if I can list some of mine :)
Fae kitty of Roses and Columbine, on Secondlife: dragon hoardsoftpaw_sommer on June 6th, 2008 09:33 pm (UTC)
Re: wow :P
The birds where all gotten the same day as a joke with the guys and where all SUPER cheep. I don't think I paid over 1200 for all of them. I was in a silly mood.

And a good number of them where gotten in the past two weeks as I have been helping Mandalore find his dream forms and have a bad case of "OOOHHH SHINEY! I WANT".

And, lets not talk about how many gowns I have now...*sheepish grin*

But I'd love to see your forms!