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Epic post is epic

So, over the years I've been on secondlife. I've picked up a few other feline avatars. For possibly switching to them. I never have done it.  Just to stuck on my original one that I've had since day one in secondlife.

But change can be good. So I am pondering picking one to test drive to see if I could get used to one after a while. Each one has its pros and cons.  I've spent time and took photos of each of them, including my normal one. So I could list the pros and cons visual and get other opinions. Because I can't decide which one to take out for a test drive.

So, here is me, posting a crap ton of photos and asking for the thoughts of those that read this thing on them.

Putting them all behind a cut because of the sheer amount of photos. I resized them all to be the same width so I can put four on a line though.  I put each one into a table to make it easy to keep them separated.

A few things about all of these.

They all started out as a white cat. Because my preferred fur color is cream or fawn, depending on what you want to call it.  I have to mod all the prim parts and use my own skin as the skins they come with are no mod and its impossible to properly tint a skin anyway. Secondlife really needs to fix it so you can tint skins with RGB instead of the weird slider thing you use now really.:P  I did take a photo of the original skin for each one though. I WISH I could get a fur textured skin made with my fur color.

I used the same basic hairstyle for each one. All  had a "quickie" resizing job to make it fit ok. I took the hair off to show face expressions better

I wore my wings and my own tail for them instead of the tail that they came with. I like my bejeweled tail thank you :P  So the different tail types would not matter.

The photos are all taken at midday lighting

I  kept my own shape, except I had to go in and copy the head and eye stats and adjust my personal shape to those so the head and eyes would fit properly. Otherwise some would look REALLY off. Bug eyed look is not good.

When I first started taking the photos I had forgotten that I had leg masking alphas I could wear instead of the leg alphas that came with the avatars. And since most put those with the hand alpha I had to go back and take shots with out the hands on. I dislike hand paws. It used to be due to not being able to hold things with them, now with the multi attachment point system I just well..don't like how they look. Period.

And if you have no idea what that means, Basically, there is a "clothing" layer that can be worn to make your "body" disappear. This was done for some leg and paw styles. An alpha layer is a layer or texture that has transparency either totally invisible or just partly. Think of it as a gif or Png for secondlife.

Oddly I like the leg paws. Rarely did anything want to also attach to that point. It has kept me out of having to buy shoes as well.

 We'll start with the one you all know, The Luskwood cat.

Its a very simple basic avatars. One of the first Furry avatars out there in fact. They have not updated the house cat style at all, though they have some of their other styles.  So it has very little in the way of extras.

The eyes blink and I can have the corners of the mouth turn up or be straight. I keep them up, it looks more pleasant.

I can change the color of the eyes. Or set them to sleepy, closed or open.

The whites of the eyes are the fur color as the eyes are simply an animated texture on the head.

Ears are a part of the head

 I do not HAVE the original skin anymore for the Luskwood so you do not get to see it. It was nothing special,  solid white, very little shading on it.
Full body shot  up close of the head with hair With out hair


  •  its the one I am used to
  • All my hair is modded to fit it already
  • It's matched perfectly to my skin
  • has a feminine look to it
  • Lowest "arc" of all them.
  • its very basic, no bells and whistles like the others.
  • Eye animation alphas  messes with alpha bangs of some hair styles
  • I've never really liked the feet but they look better with then with out to me.

Next one in no particular order Anthroxtacy

This one is a newer avatar. Came out last year I believe. Its got all sorts of bells and whistles.

The ears are separate from the head.  They can be made to twitch, and can be positioned up, back, sideways and each ear is independent of the other. If I wanted it also comes with scottish fold type ears.

The jaw is separate from the head so if I wanted it to do so it would move when I type or talk. It has SEVERAL expressions that are done by moving the prim not a texture, and the mouth can be set to be open at various levels. The touch can be stuck out!

The eye SHAPE moves as well. Giving even more expressions then just blinking and open and closed

The eyes are attachments and the color and size of the pupil can be selected with a hud.

It comes with two leg styles, plantigrade, which is the flat foot style on my normal avatar. And in the photos I am wearing the digtrade style, which is a more "natural" feline leg style.

It comes with hand paws. Static with fluff to cover the joint from arm to hand.

more info if your curious is at  http://www.slarf.org/anthroxtacy-cat/

The link shows the other ear, leg and tail types

Onto the photos

 Full body  Full body from the side. I may need to check my leg stats against the one it comes with to get the knee joint to look better

The white dot is my wedding ring I forgot to take off

Front view, mid blink Side view
 default expression  smile open mouth open mouth, something with the eyes
 worried sad expression  more eye movement expressions tongue! the original skin. It has some nice shading on it and a faint "fur" pattern
Shot with out the hands.

Forgot to take a close up with the hair..


  • VERY expressive
  • Lots of choices
  • prims work with my personal skin
  • has a feminine look to it
  • Hud for face controls is easy to work with and understand
  • I like the digtrade feet


  • Hair is hard to refit to it. Can be done but will take some work
  • The eyes do wonky things and I can't get the pupils to show. Possibly fixed by playing with the eye hud

Next up Uchi Kitty

I think this was the first one I picked up to try for a new look.

Its older, not as old as Luskwood but older. So rather basic still

The ears twitch and the eyes blink but that's about it.

I believe it comes with hands but I deleted those ages ago when I first got it

link for more info http://www.slarf.org/curious-inc-uchi-felis/

 full view  full view side side view with hair, eyes mid blink side view hair
 front hair  front hairless side hairless original skin.  nice shading but not much fur texture


  • twitchy ears
  • Hair fits reasonably well


  • the prim parts have a grayish cast to the texture that doesn't match the skin
  • Something about the HUGE eyes bug me and I can't say what
  • I REALLY do not like the leg fluff
  • No hud other then to color the eyes.

Lost Furest is I believe the first of these that came with the separate talk jaw and a much more varied expression hud.

It has a lot of options, Including some neck and back fluff fur that I may or may not wear if I went with this one.

Just the one ear type

The hud was reasonably easy to use

Talk jaw. The jaw is also separate and can be set to various open positions and expressions.

Eyes can be set to various expressions

The eye color is HIGHLY customizable. to the point that I had some problems figuring out which thing I was clicking on. The eye hud is separate from the emotions hud.

A text based eye feature is you can change what the pupil/ glint look like including hearts stars and the anime X for passed out.  As well as glowing, brightness and a few different iris styles

Plantigrade feet only. VERY fluffy

link with more info http://www.slarf.org/lost-furest-evolutions-kitty/

Lost Furest
 Full body with hand paws  Full body with out hand paws Close up front with next fluff close up side with neck fluff
 With out the neck fluff  with out the neck fluff no hair no hair
 the back of the neck fluff  With just the back fluff part open part open
 tongue  Tongue eyes closed tongue yes open half slitted
 front tongue out  making one of the ears wonky ears back side ear back front
 sideways ere  heart glint star glint the original skin. Very fluffy and shaded.  Of all of them this is the one I'd want done in my color.


  • Highly expressive
  • Hud was fairly easy to use
  • Hair fit reasonably well
  • prim parts matched current skin well
  • Leg fluff bugs me
  • some what male face
  • Shifting the ears can be problematic. Sometimes I'd have to hit it twice to get it to do what it was supposed to

Derp is the second newest one.

As its newer it has all the scripted goodness for expressions I.E. Separate ears and jaw. Twitching and mouth and tongue opening and closing.

It doesn't have as many eye expressions as the Lost and Ex do. Four expressions that I oddly didn't take shots of.

Comes with feet in the two styles. I am once again using the digtrade feet instead of the plantigrade

Eye color is even more customizable then lost ferals

VERy whiskery. it doesn't show as much in my photos as I didn't go back and turn all the whiskers white. But WOW it has a ton of whiskers


 Full shot with paws  close with hair close side with out hair no hair
 front  open part open tongue
 Original skin. I like it but the leg area looks weird.  No paws


  • Hair fits easily
  • some expressions
  • Digtrade legs
  • The eye color hud is confusing
  • not as expressive as others
  • the eyes once again do wonky things
  • The prim parts have a gray tinge which makes them darker then my skin.
  • Like the uchi something about the head just bugs me

This is the newest one of them all. Learning about this and picking it up is in fact what inspired this post.

It is so new that the slarf page I put a link to for the others doesn't HAVE it yet.  You can see a few of the options I didn't take a photo of at http://serenitysemple.blogspot.com/2011/01/tokushi-cat-av-review.html though

As its new it has a TON of bells and whistles.

Two styles of legs, planti and digi/ Several tail styles, not just fluffy or sleek but bob tailed and some others. and not only scottish fold ears but america curl ear styles! I had to take a shot of both of those in fact as the link above didn't show them well.

It came with two styles of heads. The difference being muzzle length. I took shots of both, not sure which I like better

Talk jaw, twitchy position ears. Expressions via moving the prims, its got everything the others do

And it has something they don't

It's hands, which still annoy me, have fingers that you can position! And make the claws go in and out.
This was neat but not neat enough to stop annoying me.  But, it comes with a few set positions, and then you can also position each finger n its own

The feet also have claws in and out.

The hud is ATROCIOUS. The spots to click on to do the stuff are tiny and it take around five clicks to get it to do one thing.  It REALLY annoyed me a lot. I could nt tell what I was doing half the time.  The hud alone was in fact almost a deal breaker on if I would ever use this one.

Original skin. Nice shading and all but just didn't like it front with the neck fluff side with the neck fluff. Also note the upper leg and arm fluff! showing the arm and leg fluff with out the hands

oddly I LIKE the arm fluff on this one. but still..not the hands.

with out the fluff close up of the neck fluff with out paws or fluff Close up head style one
angled view head style one side view head style one head style one with the jaw for style two looket that overbite! Side of head style two
angle of head style two front of head style two ear positions totally back ear
totally back ear from the side Forwards side side
eyebrow positions eyebrow positions eyebrow positions eyebrow positions
mouth expression "smile" mouth at normal mouth at "mad" mouth open and smile
mouth open smile and tongue out tongue out mouth closed hand normal  hand with claws
thumb out pointing hang loose messing with moving each finger
Scottish fold on the left facing and american curl on the right facing Scottish fold from the side both from the back American Curl from the side


  • lots of choices
  • Hair fit reasonably well
  • somewhat expressive
  • feminine looking face
  • That gray cast to the prims
  • the eyes bug me

And those are my choices

So...thoughts? I can of course mix and match to some extent. I wouldn't for example mix one head and a different ones ears. But mixing heads and feet is doable.


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