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*just cries*

I do not really want to talk about it..

But tonight I did this..

Which is..gave up Realm of the Fae Kitty. My personal home for nearly 3 years on Secondlife.

I saved my pink tree till last. Ironically named Hope Spring Eternal

I am in tears over this, Sobbing in fact but it HAD to be done. I sent Imagine a nice note. Haven't heard back yet.

only things left on the land now are the things it came with, some trees, the stairs and a lovely little pond spring

I wish Adar was home too, he’s over in St Louis helping some friends run their table at a convention. I sorely need to be held by someone that understood what this place meant to me.

Farewell my home. I will miss you, I have no idea when I will get another place like you ever again.
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