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27 March 2011 @ 10:59 pm
Day before my rez day  
A few weeks ago I learned about a SL project about Avatars called 1000+ Avatars project



I was interested so I joined the in world group for the project and today Gracie announced she was shooting! First time since I had heard about it. So I hopped onto the grid and went over to get myself photographed..

Click for bigger

Gracie took back and front. Sadly I didn't notice in the back photo my ears where missing! *face palms* oh well got them in the front..my ears where most likely hard to see in the back shot anyway..

while there the shots where being watched by Stinalina Dreamscape who asked me to participate in her avatar project called Project endless Possibilities


I'm to answer some questions and submit a photo or two

the questions and my answers are behind the cut. Still deciding on what photos to submit..I think I will do one of both my old luskwood and my current Anthroxtacy forms as I had the luskwood for SO long. Might submit a RL shot of me in my fairy garb as well :)

- Does your avatar look like or represent your real life self?

It does in that I am female, have red hair and green eyes both in RL and SL. And well, every so often fairy wings and a cat tail.

It also does in that it represents my inner self. I entered Sl wanting to achieve a very specific look. A friend that has been in SL much longer then I have been whisked me from the Orientation Island and bought all of my main avatar parts for me on day one.

- Do you make significant changes to your avatar often?

Not counting hair styles and clothing, with one notable recent exception, no. I do every so often pop into none Anthro kitty forms or a dragon form but 99.9% of the time I stay in the same base avatar.

While stuck on an Orientation Island a furry friend, who I have known all of my internet life, learned that I was on SL and logged on and he Tped me away to Luskwood. As I was having issues rezing stuff at the time, needed a graphics card, he then took ahold of my account for about an hour and bought me the white luskwood house cat, wings from seven's selection, some red hair and a green fantasy dress. He colored the house cat cream for me and fixed up a skin to match and that was my look since.

The recent big change was switching my "base" avatar from a Luskwood to an Anthroxtacy feline. This happened in late January after a lot of thought on if I wanted to change my look. Luskwood wasn't updating its house cats any time soon and I felt I wanted to switch to a avatar that had more "bells and whistles" on it then the luskwood did. I had picked up several different house cat avatars to compare and, after asking a few others their thoughts, settled on the Anthroxtacy House cat as my new base form. I even got a custom skin to match the cream color I use.

There have been a few minor changes, I went through about three different tails the first year before I settled on the one I use now. But other then that, the base avatar has been unchanged since my rez date till I made the switch to the AX cat.

My AO is also a big part of my look. I started with a normal human ao but once makers started doing Fairy ao's I got one of those. Added poses from several different fae themed Aos and thanks to Phoenix viewer built in ao that lets me have more animations then a hud I have a very personalized AO. There is no other one exactly like it in SL.

- Why have you chosen to have your avatar look like he/she/it does?

As I stated before, my avatar represents my inner self. While I don't run in the "furry" circles I am one. I identified as a cat way back into the 80's. The fairy side came out in the late 90's.

When the fairy side came out I felt, well whole. When I learned of SL through CSI I knew it would be a place I would enjoy as I could make avatar look like what I see in my minds eye as myself. Which I can't do in other games. Just through my artwork. But Sl lets me feel like I am really "living" through my avatar.

- Do you have a signature look?

I wear gowns and fairy outfits mostly. Rarely pants or jeans. Except while fishing, as fishing in a big gown looks silly.

- Is it important to you how your avatar looks?

Extremely. I feel out of sorts if I have to switch to a more "human" looking one for say, low lag reasons.

- Do you have some basics that you always wear (certain color of hair, eyes or ..)?

Well, I think I've answered this one already. But to be specific here are the details

Anthroxtacy white cat tinted cream with a custom matching skin also in cream

Tail = ^..^ Purrrrfect Kitties^..^, White Neko Tail With Stars - tinted cream

Wings = Seven's Selection's, Dotty Butterfly Wings in Purple

Eyes are always green and hair is always red. The exact shade depends on the reds of the hair creator but it will be a darker red always.

I also wear a LOT of pink. Followed by purple and blue. Rarely will you find me in black.

- What does it mean to you how other avatars look? Do you avoid talking to some avatars because of their appearance?

It really doesn't bother me a bit what others look like. Secondlife offers you SUCH a variety of things you can look like. I've had conversations with humans, dragons, other furs, Bunnies and even a lamp! What ever others want to look like is their choice and I love seeing what people can come up with.

- How has your perspective on your avatar and your thoughts about your appearance changed since you first joined Second Life?

Very little. I don't act "feline" I just act like me. How I am in Sl is pretty much how I am in RL.

- Has Second Life influenced your Real Life in any way?

I've noticed sometimes I'll sway and spin like my AO makes me do.

- How do you view your avatar? Is it just a tool to be able to navigate SL, is it an aspect of your persona, a virtual representation of you or maybe your best friend?

My avatar is so very personal. As I said before it is a virtual representation of my inner self.

Oh and tomorrow is my Rez day! Ambrose is making me a cake! I can't wait to see it he makes the most STUNNING cakes
stinalinadreamscape.wordpress.com on March 30th, 2011 09:38 pm (UTC)
Oh yay Softpaw, thanks for mentioning the project on your livejournal :-)
Makes me happy :-)