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06 June 2011 @ 10:25 pm
You know..  
I have a crap ton of photo links and I keep putting off and putting off posting them. Why?

I keep thinking I need to do the posts with far more detail then needed, a photo by photo thing, instead of just going HERE a link to my photos from this sim and a bit about it.

So..lets take care of some of these massive amounts of photos I've got to show off.

And some of these photos are over a year old. With my base avatar switch you can tell a lot about when I took it just by seeing what I LOOK like.

First up, a few disappeared places. these sims are no longer about sadly.




Now for some randomness

This is the one where you'd see the oldest photos. However they aren't in the right oder. I forgot to add the _ in the name when I renamed them. Go by the number, not location to guess the age.

Sharp eyes might even spot a Linden or two in these photos!


Next up three of Andrek Lowell's fantastic builds.

Fae Fantasy Forest..


I loved this place. Sadly it seems to be gone. I went to snag the surl for this post and it didn't work. I am asking about it. There are elements of it at this location But not the actual FOREST. And the person I am talking to doesn't seem to quite know what I am talking about.

Wait, they figured it out. It seems to be gone..pitty. They might be bringing it back though!

It really is a fairy's delight here. Huge flowers, mushrooms. dance circles, hidden areas and of course quests!!

Bentham Hallow


I couldn't remember what this place was called till I went to grab the Surl. Which is here

I love the big mushrooms here. I haven't been able to finish the quests, there was an issue with them when I last was there. I need to go back and finish them. If they have been fixed.



I LOVE THIS SIM SO MUCH! It's like Andrek went into my head and pulled out all the things I loved as a child and put it into a sim. Unicorns! Fairies! Mushrooms! Mermaids! Candy! OMG..

The owner is a lovely lady and she has bought Bentham forest and added it as a second half of the sim grouping since I took these photos. And a few more items about the sim. It's just so lovely.

More stuffs


URL tells it all..some photos from about Steelhead, mostly of various dances.

and lastly


Me playing around with poses and wind light settings. Also some photos taken for Contests at various times. Most of the photos where taken at either Chakryn or Enchanted. The last few...the ones that look like I cut myself out and turned the background B&W was how the SIM was. It was for this years Clothing faire and all the sims where in gray tones. It was stunning.

Now to work on a post that DOES need me to post each photo and explain them. It will be worth it!

And I once again am trying to make more posts here. Life just got busy with my Renfaire.
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