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06 June 2011 @ 11:20 pm
Art Box  
There is a place in Secondlife, where you can put yourself into famous works of art or famous photographs. Many of them need more then one persons and I only had Ambrose along with me. Except for one photo that I hauled Adar and Turlock's accounts on to use them just for the photo.



I tried to get the same angles, cropping and distance but sometimes that didn't happen. Also tried to get as close as possible to the clothing. Didn't always succed there though.

I used google and linked to the original of the works I picked in the name of the piece. Title of the piece and the artist are under each of my Artbox shots.

Son of Man / Rene Magritte

Christina's World / Andrew Wyeth

I do not know why I love this shot so much, but I do.

The Mermaid / John William Waterhouse.

The Lady of Shalott / John William Waterhouse

Fun note. I am not wearing white in this shot as I am wearing a SL reproduction of a different Waterhouse dress. His Ophelia

Whistler's Mother / James McNeill Whistler

Through the Looking Glass / Su Blackwell

Fun note here, googling the name and artist as I have it there brought up my shots of this on my flikr sight

American Gothic / Grant Wood

Untitled / Keith Harring

Arched Bridge / Katsushika Hokusa

Close up of me and Ambrose on the Bridge, we look AWESOME

Pulp Fiction Banana / Banksy

And with me, I was disappointed this was a one person and not a two person scene

A four painting gallery. What for paintings? Look below!

Mona Lisa / Da Vinci

Girl with a Pearl Earring / Johannes Vermeer

Stupidly they don't give you the earring. I guess they figure EVERYONE can make a tiny sphere?

Lady With Fan / Klimt

Self Portrait with straw hat / Van Gogh

Abbey Road / Beatles album cover

I love this shot

and some shots of what the build looks like...what you do is you pick your piece you want to jump into and it rezzes on the bottom floor. Sometimes props are given to you to allow you to better take over the art. Sometimes not. I TRIED my best to dress as close as I could to the original artwork. Sometimes it worked better then others :P

THERE now I am no longer behind in posting photos! BWHAHAHAHHAH

now to take more and get behind again!
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