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11 July 2011 @ 05:45 am
oh sweet  
I just learned I can use semagic to cross post to blogger


well that'll will make things easier..I'm not sure if I'll be totally posting the same things here and there or just posting a link there saying HEY I posted HERE. Since the set up is different and I'd really rather people come HERE.

I wonder if it'll post to wordpress, that seems to be the one that all the SL bloggers use instead of blogspot..


no it can't...but..and this is silly of me I know..the old blogspot was for my now gone store

I made http://softpawthefairycat.blogspot.com/ for just the cross posting from LJ.

Cause I'm nit picky that way..:P

I'm hoping this encourages me to post more.
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