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16 July 2011 @ 02:14 am
Stuff happened, or more like didn't happen. And now I am NOT going on the Float trip. I get to stay home and Relay instead!

Kinda feeling bittersweet about that. But I've already gone into that other places.

Today I got a sneaky peek at Steelhead's RFL Camp sight and HOOOLLLYYYY COOOOWWW Lunar has done an AMAZING job!! I am in awe and was moved to tears over it.


Click all images to see them bigger

The theme for Relay for Life this year is Seasons of Hope, and the Track sims are broken up into different seasons. Steelhead Sponsored a sim and that is the one it's Camp sight is on. Advocacy. It's in the Winter Sims.

Lunar themed his build around Vivaldi's Four Seasons concertos, with a touch of Phantom of the Opera era Paris. A stunning wall of arches greets you. With Statuary on top representing Lunar and his wife Tensai! And under them are two woman holding up a Hammer and a stick of Dynamite. Which also represents Lunar and Tenasi.

Entering the arch you see a wide open courtyard, which a pair of giant ghostly dancers in it. Past them are four pavilions each with a different season on them. On either side of each of the pavilions are two scrolls, on one side a quote from the song "Wishing you where somehow here again" from Phantom of the Opera. On the other different stages of Helping someone with Cancer. In front of those scrolls is a flower for each season.

Steelheads Owner and Master Builder Lunar

Spring has a lovely butterfly filled meadow surrounded by lovely pink trees. Summer, a fountain with a mermaid statue in the middle surrounded by tall green trees. Autumn, fall trees surrounding fallen leaves and apples. Winter, a sparkling snow field surrounded by barren trees and magical ice trees. Do go into Midnight to see winter in all its glory!

Scattered about the pavilions are many candles you can click to light in the name of someone. I chose my Aunt Wilma who I lost to Pancreatic Cancer several years ago.

Ready to Relay

I mostly took straight noon sun setting photos, but did mess about towards the end with some wind light settings and poses in the pavilions. I may go back and take more like that if I have the time.

http://softpaw.org/LJimages/SL/steelrfl11/ go there to see all the photos in this set!

I'll take more tomorrow of other camp sights that catch my eye.

In related news, at tonight’s RFL Ball in Steelhead I offered my services for an auction. People bid to have me take them on a tour of a Fae Sim and to have me read one of the MANY Fairy Tales I have over voice. Mind you I NEVER use voice so that is a big deal.

I got "won" by a twosome. I will be taking Mindy, a Child avatar on a tour of the Enchanted Sim. And reading out loud for the Steelhead Library for CeAire. There was a minor bid war as Mindy REALLY, REALLY wanted the tour and CeAire wanted the reading. So the settled on splitting it! Works for me! I have no idea right now when either thing will take place.

But I look forwards to it and I will announce when the reading takes place as that will be a public event. Yes I am nervous about that!

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