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10 June 2008 @ 05:53 pm
While puttering around my land I rounded the tree and saw something that was NOT THERE two hours before

What did I see?

A brand new island.

View from above.

Flew over to it and saw Elizabeth and Leelu on it . LeeLu was on the phone to Brigid asking about the island. YES its a new part of Brythony. NO its not supposed to be where its at! *giggles* Linden labs put it in the wrong place. It's supposed to go over onto the other side of Brythony. To the east. She's not sure why its where its at now.

BUT it being there let me take some shots of my land from the backside that I normally can't get as I bang into the edge of the sim.

So here you go!
pulled wwaayy back so you can see almost all of the tree.

fishing/mer area .

really great shot of my dock

*if the island was supposed to be there I'd SO have to smooth down that raised area on the left

all of Brythony I turned my view on so stuffed showed up as far away as I could get it to get this shot

same shot as above slightly closer

and while I had the view on so far I got this shot out of my large living room window

and in randomness not dealing with the new island..I picked up a new tail, with jewelry on it! and yes it still swishes!
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