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25 July 2011 @ 01:30 am
Because I can  
I am doing a blogger challenge I saw. Pretty much because I feel like it

It's here http://www.harlowheslop.com/archives/1120

I saw it on Emerald Wynn's Blog

Click for bigger

This is me, oh and Adar my husband. At Oklahoma Renaissance festival - AKA OKRF - this year. I'm Head fairy there. Come find me next year in fact! Ask for the fae and I'm Columbine!

OH and every bit of fabric you see on us both, plus my wings. I made! MWHAHAHAHAHA. I did not however make all our accessories because I don't know how to blow glass, throw pottery, metal smith, ect ect..

So what's something I love about myself?

The fact that, at 36 I feel I have at last found my place in the world. And while many wont get why a person my age would want to run around with wings on their back and play a fairy. It's me. And I'm happy with it. Would have never thought it would be what I want to do with my life in school. But HEY, things change.

I love that I can be out there weird strange and not have a problem with it myself. And if others do. HEY no skin off my back.

I love being me now.

And whats better is I have friends who love me for me. My husband loves me for me and all my weird quirks.

And that's about the best thing on the planet.
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Current Music: the Prince Of Egypt - Pam Tillis Milk And Honey