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26 July 2011 @ 10:23 am
52 Weeks of Color Challenge ; Late to the party  

I've honestly been pondering doing this Blogger challenge for months....yes MONTHS, as its been going on since Last december.

It's called 52 weeks of color and was started by Luna Jubilee

I've seen quite a few folk doing it on the feeds and thought it looked like fun and a bit of a challenge.

So with the creation of the new blog, a desire to get people to go to it, plus I'm bored. I decided to take the plunge. So here is my first one. This weeks color is Patriarch. Which I didn't even know WAS a color name.
But wiki says its just a shade of purple.


Week 38 Patriarch

*Evie's Closet* Coppelia - Bitter Wine 

Eolande's Hair - Grace 

Sim Alirium

But I have some catching up to do! They are on week 38 already! Now I guess I could have just picked up with the color they are on and tracked back to do them after they are finished. Or started with week one and did it week by week that way.

But nnnoooo


Instead, I took my bejeweled tail to a sandbox, set up a photo sphere and went to town searching my inventory for outfits for the past weeks! I didn't bother changing hair, except for the two outfits that came with hair. And I so did not copy down the different poses. I DID copy down the gowns, but not SLURLs and I only wrote down what was on the folder. Which, with a few exceptions, is what the designer used on the box or folder you got with the outfit. I do tend to put CO in front of all Caverna Obscura outfits so I can find them easier though. So if you want to know more about who made an outfit, ask me and I'll tell you.

Each Week Luna not only gives a color name, but a swatch of the color. I'm making MORE work for myself by reading her HTML and using it to put the exact same swatch she did as my header so you can see how close I got with my clothing! Because I am insane that's why. Though some times the common idea of what the color of that name looks like does NOT match the swatch color. I leaned more toward common idea then swatch.

Some colors where clearly way easier for me to find something to wear hen others. BUT I successfully managed it with out getting anything new! I have said a little something about each outfit or the color under the photo for it. Or sometimes just random comments. Hey I've been at this a while. Things got Silly. I don't know where she got her color swatches from or color names. I'm just going by what she posts.

The hair I have on for these is Kay by Truth.

Enjoy my insanity.



Week 1 Gray

CO Wingzz Gown


 I was a little worried about not being able to find a gray, but
found this quickly enough. 


Week 2 blue 

BlakOpal Destiny Gown


 It's just, blue, so I randomly chose this one.


Week 3 goldenrod 

!~SSF~! Marishka's Vampire Outfit

GOLDENROD?!? Gah, Luna has a LOT of neutrals in this thing and I don't
really DO neutrals that often. I feel I kinda managed with this one with
the trim. Oh and if you don't recognize it, this is designed after one
of the vampire wives in the movie VanHelsing.


Week 4 plum 

ATOI-Celtic Summer Plum


I don't think I matched this one up very well. BUT hey, the color on
the folder said PLUM, so I went with that. Meh. I have a lot of purple,
I probably could have found something closer. Might go back and try.


Week 5 sepia 

*la* Katinka Clockworks Gown 


Neutrals again. At least I remembered this outfit was brownish.


Week 6 yellow 

CO Ash & Petals Outfit 


Can't get more Yellow then Sunflowers!


Week 7 cerise 

**Angelwing** Forgotten Fairy 


Hey a Pink, and I could match it, what a surprise!


Week 8 green 

Avilion Mist - Enchantress


Yes I know it doesn't match the swatch.To me that is not just GREEN,
its more a sea green. Green is the dress I have on. 

It's also the very first clothing I ever owned on Secondlife. Bought
for me by Kain when he set up my avatar for me years ago.


Week 9 Silver 

[K~*~S] Noel 


AKA light gray when you can' see the metallic shimmer :P 


Week 10 Sienna 

*Evie's Closet* Lyra - Autumn 2010


I was pleasantly surprised this matched to Sienna..


Week 11 Indigo 

*Evie's Closet* - Melusine Gown


I more went with the color she wore for this one then the color swatch 

And I think I ended up using this post twice, oops. I guess I need more
poses that don't have props!


Week 12 Taupe 

CO Mushroom Faerie Outfit 


This did not match as well as I thought it did.


Week 13 Emerald 

~silentsparrow~ (women's)(fir) Lysander


all right, now someone's just playing. Because that swatch is so not
EMERALD.  I could have gone with any number of dresses for this one.
But I chose one of my rare pants outfits for a change up.


Week 14 Black 

CO Arlecchina Outfit


Black, very hard to mess up black.


Week 15 Red 

Worth- La Passionnee Dress


I almost went with a replica of the red gown from Moulin Rouge, but
I found this and went with it instead. 

I like the fan

Week 16 Teal 

*la* Elise Gown and Hat -moo


I love the hat, Hats and me don't always get along. But I love this


Week 17 Electric Lime 

*EC* Whimsy - Green


Finding an electric Lime ended up being easier then I thought it would


Week 18 Ecru 

[Wishbox]  Dragonfly Gown


Ok, I went more with the ecru I have cross stitching thread of then
the color swatch.


Week 19 Umber 

HT Bag Lady


I think I got more of a burnt umber then just Umber.

But don't care, love the outfit. So many things hanging off me!


Week 20 Sky Blue 

*la* SwanSong Ouros Gown


The dress is the "sky" gown from Laughing Academy's Element gowns that
where made for the Swan song event.


Week 21 white 

[Aliza Karu] Star tea dress


This dress is INSANE, and I love it, and never get to wear it due to
it's insanity. So I wore it NOW. It came with the hair.


Week 22 Banana Mania 

CO Mialee Sorceress 


I hate bananas. Just saying..

I think my hand "holding" the staff is like that due to animation arguments
between the one in the staff ad the one I used.

 Either that or Faery Sola for got to close the hand, which isn't
like her.


Week 23 Asparagus 

::: B@R ::: Juliet Green


But I love Asparagus. Umm..the color is in there someplace.

This dress came with a weird hat thing that would just NOT work with
the ears.


Week 24 Eggplant 

*Epic* Pim Whimsy Faery Outfit


Eggplants are WAY darker then that swatch.

Also they are nasty tasting.


Week 25 Periwinkle 

Arundel Design - Melody Regency 


I used to wear this gown all the time. As its close to the Curtain
gown from Enchanted.


Week 26 Tangerine 

Enchanted Fae Tangerine


mmm now I want a tangerine.

I love the weird headpiece thing that comes with this gown.


Week 27 Olive 

The Herbalist ~ by Gypsy Tears 


Meh kinda sucked at the matching. I'm not sure I even HAVE anything
olive Green..


Week 28 Pink 

CO Dream Thief


Pink, pink, pink, I like pink, pink, pink, pink Hey..hey lady 


SO MANY CHOICES!! I went with one of my favs.


Week 29 Neon Carrot 

CO Nightfire Faerie


What's this with adding Neon to food and getting a pale color?

Anyway, Yes I did use this pose twice. oops. Oh well it looks good both


Week 30 Ruby

vs&co-7 sins lust


Again I went more with the common idea of the color then the swatch.

Also, good lord the cleavage on this dress!


Week 31 Denim 

++McSkin++(denim dress


HAH I chose NOT to wear jeans for denim! Instead a denim dress!


Week 32 Jade 

*la* Sophie- Irish Cream


I got as close as I could find.

I love the frothyness of so many of Laughing Academy's gowns. I wish
she'd come back and make more.


Week 33 Mahogany 

Autumn Tranquility Faerie


Short skirt is Short.


Week 34 Mauve 

**TWA**Luthien's Dream Gown 


Mauve is such an underrated shade of purple.


Week 35 Electric blue 

CO Meadow Breeze Gown 2.0


This is one of my favorite gowns. I had to wear it for this color!


Week 36 Celadon

!RT...Pastel Bloom *Dead Nature*


My Mom has several celadon pieces. It's a specific type of pottery

The color is MUCH closer to my outfit then the color swatch.


Week 37 Lemon 

*PDD* Fluffy Fairy Lemon Panel


I went with a lighter shade then the swatch. Which you almost can't
see against my background. oops. 


Next week's color is Melon.  I'll be doing nicer images like I did for Patriarch for the rest of them.

This took me HOURS I sure hope someone sees it.

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