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30 July 2011 @ 12:12 am
52 weeks of color - Week 39  
Well, now its time to just start doing these one at a time. SO much easier.

Week Thirty-Nine:


Click for bigger

Dress - [Wishbox] Folklore Dirndl (Watermelon) SLURL

Hair - >TRUTH< Miku SLURL

Pose - 'NSA' - Blue Bird SLURL

Sim - Karazhan SLURL


One thing I was wanting to do with these is to also show off photos of the sim I took the color portrait at. This way I not only get myself out there exploring all the landmarks I have in my "to be explored" folder. But I also can share some amazing places with people. Which is kinda the point of this journal/blog to start with.

The sim I went to I found on the journal of the lady that started the 52 weeks challenge and it is lovely build. Very simplistic but stunning for that. It's called Karazhan and has a small store, a small art gallery and some scattered places to go look at. In the photo above I am actually underwater!! It uses a custom windlight setting so I left it on that for my sim lighting.

I can't pick which part I loved the most about it. The peacock feather trees, the swing, or the birdcage.

Click to see bigger

For today's color I had in fact chosen a different dress and sim to use. But I didn't like how they turned out. So instead of going with the same dress and a new sim. I totally switched both!

But hey, I can still show off the photos of the place I went.

I had originally went with katat0nik's Fruit Swirl Dress for the dress. Hey can't get more melonly then watermelons them self! And honestly it wasn't the dress that just wasn't clicking for me, I think it was the hair. I had picked *BC322 EMO princess and it is just so HUGE. And since it ended up being no mod and I removed the script after thinking I had it a good size. HUGE on me. You can see it here

I hate no mod hair, and if I buy a hair not sure if it is mod or not and find out it no mod, I resize it best I can then never buy from that store again. As a fur I NEED my hair to be mod so I can make adjustments to placement of the hair prims in my face not just how big it is overall. There is one hair resizer script that allows for moving individual prims, but not many I have found use it.

The sim. well more like the build, is something I found on the destination guide. where I get a lot of my locations. Called -ajisai- it will only be around till the end of August. SLURL You'll TP into a boat and then you have to click a sign to get to the build. It made me feel like I was inside a giant water globe, with huge flowers and snails. It's really something to see. Oh and you get a free flower umbrella on your way out!

Click to see bigger

You can see photos from both places at the following link..

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