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01 August 2011 @ 08:19 am
There is a Fungus amungus!  
I found this sim by the destination guide, and then shortly after I started Deoridhe of Primdolls made a post. In fact I think I first found her blog looking for more information on the sim.

Mind you I was there back in June, and it is now August. I had started it, then gave up for a bit. Then dove into it as a distraction from the week from hell. And then due to RFL and a variety of other things, one of which I am a LAAZZYYY fae kitty, I haven't gotten around to posting about it.

Oh and what sim is it? It's called Fungus SLURL

Click to see bigger

The build for the sim itself is very nice and colorful. And lots of Mushrooms! And everyone knows how much I love Mushyrooms. Which is one thing that got me there to start with. The other is it has a quest!! A rather complicated and hard one but it SUCH FUN! It's a mix of a hunt and puzzle quest. And can take quite a bit to finish. Your goal is to help restore the land. All of its inhabitants have left suddenly.

The creator is Ross Myhre and he is very friendly and helpful, and doesn't mind if you IM him if he's on. I did have to ask him for a few hints in fact. Not outright telling me where something is, just a gentle push in the right direction. I got really confused at not being able to find something. Turns out his clue had disappeared from the place it should be! So he had to go put it back.

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You'll start at the landing point, and be given a hud and a notecard to give you a clue to where to start. And then you set out. Some of the items your looking for are TINY but there are things set up to help you find them.

Once you get all the stuff found, you venture Underground as well as Underwater, and then the puzzle part starts. You get given things and can collect a few prizes along the way. The prizes all have either a mushroom or a snail theme, or both. Ross also has a store on the sim with some fantastic mushroom themed stuff. I picked up a mushroom hammock, mushroom drum set and some mushrooms designed to sit on while fishing.

Ross built a world that is so very immersive and interesting. Both scary at times and stunning. I was knocked breathless several times. And driven mad by the puzzles! A lot of them involve just getting things timed right.

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While you can explore the upper parts of the sim with out doing the quest. To get to the underground parts you have to go on the quest. But it is sooo worth it.

The sim has a custom windlight setting, which I used. It messed up the coloring on my prim body parts but eh, not too bad. Comes with the territory of being a fur. And just as I was getting underground, my monitor went screwy on me and was showing things darker then they are. For a while I had to go full midday AND wear a light just to see all the nooks and crannies of the build.

Go..explore, play! Have fun in this sim!

You can see all my photos here http://softpaw.org/LJimages/SL/Fungus/

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clothing credits
Outfit - ::: B@R ::: Mimo SLURL
Hair 1 >TRUTH< Danni
Halfway though it all I switched hair
Hair 2 >TRUTH< Astrid

Any items you see on me other then my usual and the above are part of the quest
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