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03 August 2011 @ 01:00 am
A Yay and a Boo  

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That's one of my bestest RL friends and fellow OKRF fae. Arrow, in SL her name is Caelii. She just joined!

Ambrose, who's also met her in RL when he came to guest cast with us at OK the last weekend, and I are going to help her get settled and un newbie her.

But BOY have the newbie avatars come a long way, her starter avatar is already quite put together.

That is clearly the YAY

The boo is that I just got a notecard saying the sim my last post is about, Fungus, is going away! Ross is having some issues so POOF goes Fungus!

Go visit it before it goes away!

I'm currently in world in a sandbox building with Ambrose, He's working on some cakes, I'm creating what will possibly be a new tail for myself.
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