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05 April 2008 @ 10:37 am
Yeah I'm a dork..but who knows, I may actually USE this one. Especially since I have two LJ clients up and running.

My usual Lj is softpaw for those that may be curious about my Real life. It's Friends only. Leaving this one open for now. We'll see how it goes being open.

This ones for babbling, showing off clothing and other stuff, and if I get into the RP side of SL like I want..for that as well.

Spent what little time SL was up going though my clothing and adjusting items so they don't make my wings or my tail vanish. Had one freebie outfit that wouldn't let me mod it so that it wouldn't do that so I had to trash it.

I found a TON of nice freebie clothing, stuff I'd really wear, and a few trashy outfits for the fun of it.

When the big crash happened when they logged everyone off this morning I was in the middle of trying to adjust my skin color to match my head, feet and tail color. NOT easy. For some reason when I edit appearance my head turns this lurid yellow color, that is NOT the color it normally looks like, so I can't just muck with the skin sliders till my skin and my head match.

I've sent in a thing to Luskwood creatures that made the skin about getting a custom skin color, but haven't heard back from them. I may have to send the maker a IM on Sl to see if that works. Adar needs to do the same thing, he accidentally messed up his wings. He also filled out a form but nothing yet.

But anyway..bedtime.
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