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07 August 2011 @ 09:28 am
52 weeks of color - Week 40  
This week was another Food color. And I knew just the dress for it.

Week Forty:


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Dress - Evie's Closet Muse Gown - Peach SLURL
Hair - !!Calico Creations!! Isis 2 SLURL
Pose - Serenade fairy Pose 17 SLURL
Sim - HuMaNoiD SLURL

The Sim I picked this time was from the Destination guide and is called HuMaNoiD. It's an old LM of mine so I am not sure if it is STILL in the Destination guide or not. I was reminded of it by someone’s blog post, forget who's, so went to take a look to see if it would inspire me for this week.

It turned out to be another water sim like last weeks. But has these skyboxes as well. Six of them you get to via anywhere doors set in a circle. The sim has custom wind light, but the skyboxes seem to have a different setting then the rest. I got a bit confused in fact, by it asking to change all the time. Either that or my viewer was acting up, which is entirely possible.

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Apart from the sky boxes it has a few other islands, rather pretty ones, scattered about. As well as these weird leg chair things. I've seen photos of them before and always wondered where they are at on the Grid. Guess I found them! Wootage

The sim had no music feed but a number of items that produce music. Which made it a bit different to listen to the sim. Now while I do play music while on the comp, I like to hear the sounds of a sim, apart from a music feed. In fact except at dances I usually don't have the feed playing. So the items playing music was a pleasant surprise.

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The six sky boxes all have names, I chose the one named Zen Moment, which was a boat in a lily pond, for my color portrait, but I did visit the others. Some, are nicer then others. dream in blue has a lovely bird cage and Butterfly build, Lost Generation, kept asking me to play a video that never played and had a very simple awning and some cubes in it. Dance to the Music is a Ballroom with two statue dancers in it, a radio and sheets of music scattered about can be clicked to hear music. A rather Arabian themed box was called Delight. It has Studio Sidhe's moon goddess prop in it with a retexture done to it to make it look like bubbles. And the last one is a shiny tree and some chairs called Dare to Dream.

Click to see bigger

I had a very pleasant time at it. So I do recommend it for a visit! http://slurl.com/secondlife/Gilmour/92/119/21

You can see all my photos from it at http://softpaw.org/LJimages/SL/Humaniod/

Next week color is Razzelberry, a kinda purplely red, which I think I have a ton of in my inventory so finding a nice dress for it should be fun!
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