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11 August 2011 @ 02:18 am
tails and shadows.  
So, using a bunch of full perm stuffs I got on the marketplace, I made myself a new tail. It's more fluffy then my old one. I'm still getting a bit used to it. The texture work is not done. But adding the transparent texture to the bottom of the fluff cones is a PAIN so I am only grabbing a few at a time.

I kept the jeweled star look, but added flowers and a butterfly. I WANTED to make the butterfly's wings move, but all the butterfly flap scripts I have need them to attach to the base prim, which wouldn't work.

Anyway, photos!

The fluffiness has alpha problems. But then nearly everything alpha does. And I don't know enough about alpha levels to fix it.

I also played with shadows recently. Which did not end well at ALL. You will not be seeing shadows in my photos till I get a computer upgrade, and Adar needs one of those before I do. The trial run was a disaster!!

I took them on Humanoid on a beach, with my skirt off. But other then that I took NOTHING off between these shots. I took a close up and a distance shot.

First, shots with out shadows going so you know what things look like normally.

Click to see bigger

Click to see bigger

Everything’s nice and fine.

Now for with shadows, and taken using the client.

Click to see bigger

Click to see bigger

Notice a LOT of stuff missing? Like, the water, the sky, anything alpha...Heck not even the wanted shadows show!

But this is not what I SAW..oh no..I had to use the print screen button to capture that!

Click to see bigger

Click to see bigger

Its not To bad looking, especially compared to above. but the alpha layer on my avatar doesn't work. as you can see on my legs. And HEY you can see shadows! Which you can see in the full body shot.

I have no idea why the viewer wouldn’t take proper photos when I had shadows on. But, wont be using them! Even if it took proper photos uuhh..the alpha layer is an issue. I am HOPEING that people who are using shadows don't see them. As I am assuming they have a computer that can properly run the thing.

Now to go off to take the shots for the next color challenge and finish exploring this sim I'm at right now! They are not the same things either.
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