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12 August 2011 @ 10:49 am
Anna's Many Murders  
Anna's Many Murders is one of Bryn Oh's amazing builds. It is going to be vanishing soon, So go before it's gone!


You'll start at a landing point where you can click to be given some information as well as windlight settings. USE THESE! Or set your viewer to accept the sim settings. It makes a HUGE HUGE HUGE difference in how you experience the build. To show the huge difference on the last pages of my photos of it are some taken with midday settings.

Let things rez a bit, this build involves reading. It's not very interactive but it tells a story. A rather, dark macabre story. It's not gory, but surreally beautiful. With many breathtaking scenes. I am still in awe of the tiny details she puts into her builds.

Also at the landing point, you'll first meet Anna. Wait a bit here as there is a bit of animation to the build that you can miss if you rush through it. This is true in a few places in fact. After you head out of the building and go you then BAM, suddenly a THING looms over you..

Click to see bigger

Your in the middle of a corn field on the edge of a large, deep, canyon. The corn helps guide you along to where you need to go. You'll meet Anna again. Pass by her and head into the creaky building. After that your pretty much guided in the right direction with out much of a choice of which way to go. Take your time to look at the details Bryn put into the build. Sometimes its the smallest things. Like bugs. The little bugs are amazing.

Click to see bigger

Make sure your able to hear the sim sounds. Many things have tones as you step over them, and at one point there is music. And be careful to not fall off of platforms! The sim is damage enabled, and you can't fly. So if you fall, you get teleported home.

At the end of the storyline Bryn has placed her Mayfly build from RFL. It fits in with the storyline as well.

Click to see bigger

Once you reach here look around till you find a glimmering diamond object and click that, it will teleport you out and near the rest of the build. Explore the funny mechanical animals. There is a metal fairy as well. To get to the other side with the giant bug thing you have to walk back towards the landing point and go around it. Took me a bit to figure that part out.

Click to see bigger

All of my photos of Anna's Many Murders can be found at this link

Clothing Credits

I got the ensemble idea from a blogger who's name is escaping me right now.

Top and belt * May's Soul* clover pink - SLURL
Skirt :::Sn@tch Beach Skirt (Pink)::: - SLURL
hair [Shag] - Sweet Treat - SLURL

Also..um..I gotta do this

YAY I got onto http://iheartsl.com!!
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