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17 August 2011 @ 08:39 am
Second Life Origins  
So in the destination guide there is a whole group of places to go filed under Second Life Origins.


One day I decided to go visit them ALL . I was half tempted to put on my original avatar. Well semi original. The one that Kain hooked me up with,my original luskwood and hair and stuff. Heck I still wear the wings he got me. I do not HAVE the "lemur hooker" I started with at sign up anymore and can't find it in the library.

I started with the Cornfield and just went down the list.

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The Corn Field

Now the cornfield has clearly been updated since its days of being used as an actual punishment. Some of the items on it are way to new to have been around then. It was four sims in total and each sim had the same items on it.

The SL Historical Museum was mostly a lot of reading text or hover text and clicking through images. There was some sound or video thing that I couldn’t get to work. One thing you can get there is a copy of the original Primitar avatar for free. Which I didn't try on.

The Man Well its a really big art decoish statue. Nothing else was there at my visit.

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The Climbable Beanstalk was actually kinda fun. Though I am admittedly still horrible at navigating while jumping even now. I got up a good distance before falling off. The stalk itself is around 100M high. I do wonder how tall they could get it now. And once the new larger prims are grid wide.

The Stillman Giant Bears are well, two really big bears. and apparently in the same sim as a lot of the other items on the SL origins guide.

Baffin Island and Boardman Themed Community where both rather empty and to me rather boring. TheBeta Contributor Wall was interesting in only that it hey, these people helped make Sl.

the Pooley Foot gave me some amusement. But more in the group of..people, that where there. WOW, I hadn't seen bling like they had on in a while! Or maybe its just due to I hang out at sims with nicer dressed people?

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I then went off to the orientation island near it. And decided to go through the entire orientation again. Which was different then the one I went through in 2008. Well half went through as Kain TPed me off it to make me look not like a Lemur Hooker anymore.

I have to admit I didn't know about the grabbing physical objects and moving them around bit you learned with the beach ball. The whole thing was rather pretty in a tropical island way. I seem to recall my entry being into a more castely building like place. I followed the sign at the last stop to the help island and found myself near a sandbox. Someone made land sharks..or something..

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Mocha Cathedral was a nice build. Though these days there are nicer cathedrals. It wasn't nearly as big as I thought it would be. I did take the time to look at the candles and snagged one.

Governor Linden's Mansion was fun in that "oh hey I'm snooping in someone’s house way. I loved his fish tank. The stuff under the pool was interesting in historical sense. And seeing just how FAR building has progressed from early days. A lot of it just in texture work alone.

I went to Da Boom but didn't spend as much time there as I probably should have. Mostly due to things stopped rezzing properly for me there. JUST that sim too. No idea what was up with that. Had fun messing around the playground but didn't venture much farther then that.

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last stop was the Old Orientation Stations at Dore . I didn't bother to go through the whole orientation again. Since it was a rehash of what I just did up near the foot.

And that was my foray into early SL. It was fun but a lot of the items underwhelmed me. Maybe if they provided a bit more information it would be better? I dunno. You can see all the photos I took from this trip at http://softpaw.org/LJimages/SL/Slearly/

For the curious..

Bodice, belt, backpack - *{ SeVered GarDeN }* Bambetta *Strawberry SLURL
Sweater - Lady Thugs Sage Crop Top SLURL
Skirt - :::Sn@tch Beach Skirt (Peach)::: - SLURL
Hair - >TRUTH< Lucia SLURL
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