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14 June 2008 @ 08:49 pm
I entered a costume contest today. The theme was "best in wellies' *aka wellingtons, rubber boots, rain boots, whatever*

Now seeing as I can't WEAR boots on SL due to my cat feet *well I could but they'd take my cat feet away* I put the boot on my head. The host was fine with that, she never said the boot had to be on your feet!

So I Dolled myself up in a stunning new gown, glitzed it up with Elizabeth's lovely Girls of Brythony and Caer Llyr Tiara and Necklace and plopped a pink and white boot on my head!

Result? I won the contest! Woot woot!

And among other amusing things. This image cracks me up. I'm digging in a dumpster while roaming about a sim looking for the teleport pad for this mystery game Called With in = the testing that Turlock, Ado, Adar and I are doing together. Lemme tell you that game is frustrating! But fun in its way. I want to learn what the objects we collected will be used for but so far we've done nothing with them. Ah well We'll see!

New icons of late

I need to get a good shot of me in the outfit I picked up to play the Within game. I got a trench coat and fedora! Because I am a giant dork like that. It looks good on me though, better then on the guy in the photo of it if I do say so myself. :P
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Current Music: Disney - Captain EO
S8Venuss8venus on June 15th, 2008 03:57 am (UTC)

That's frick'n awesome!