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03 September 2011 @ 02:39 am
52 weeks of color - Week 43  
This color gave me fits..FITS!!

Week Forty-Three:


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Outfit - *la* Lapine Tintable Bunny Print Dress SLURL
Hair - !Calico Creations!! Luna - SLURL
Pose - GLITTERATI - Model pack 1 SLURL
Sim - Paris 1900 SLURL

Both this color and this SIM gave me fits in fact.

The color gave me fits as it took FOREVER to find anything. I went through what few browns I have, as that's what I first think of when I think of Liver. Then I looked at the swatch and at what others wore as I'm a week behind. And went through my grey's, which I have even fewer of then browns. And settled on this dress. It's rather a lovely dress, supposedly tintable but the skirt was no mod, the bodice wasn't but you couldn't see the bunnies if I tinted it to the swatch. So I left it, I'm sure the right shade is in it someplace.

The dress is rather classy and stylish, so when pondering where to go I settled on the Paris 1900 sims. HEY what’s more stylish then Paris?

Click to see bigger

It's a four sim grouping all in a line. Not laid out to match Paris but each sim has a different one or two famous landmarks on them. I got a good giggle with Notre dame and The Moulin Rouge being near one another. I got only slightly annoyed at all the mini stores they have ON the Eiffel tower. With all the store buildings around the sim you think they could have avoided that, but no.

Did have some fun puttering about the tower. Tried to get a good shot for my 52 weeks shot on the tower but never managed it. And not due to the stores..

Click to see bigger

No what happened to me on this sim, was lag. Lag like I've not ever seen even at a totally full up sim where over half the people where dragons! And this was in a nearly empty sim!! I kept crashing! I kept getting stuck and not being able to walk anyplace. Or I did the walking forever into no where till you have to shut down thing.

And that's what gave me fits. At first I thought maybe it was just the sim with the tower. It had the most people in it. So I found the Moulin Rouge and went there. HAPPENED THERE, both next to the Rouge and in Notre dame

The cathedral for the record, is stunning, but has some CREEPY AS ALL GET OUT monks hanging around.

Click to see bigger

Oh and that's one thing I really liked about the sim. Scattered about them are prim people in period dress. Doing various things. It made you feel less all alone. There was also several things to click on for poses and to do, cars to rez and such. I wish the whatever the heck was going on with the lag hadn't gone on.

Click to see bigger

I may go back at a later point to see if the lag issues I was having still, happen. Likely after Firestorm releases its next upgrade and I switch to it. I'm still using Phoenix as I need the spell check.

I didn't manage to get many photos but you can see what I did mange here http://softpaw.org/LJimages/SL/paris1900/index.html

Now to go start on Firebrick. And then YAY caught back up!
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