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03 September 2011 @ 03:50 am
52 weeks of color - Week 44  
Yes another post not to far behind another. I am caught up again woot!

Week Forty-Four:


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Outfit - *EC* Limited Edition - Ophelia Passion SLURL
Hair - **Pocket Mirrors** Nastassja - SLURL
Pose - Olive Juice- Blooms FatPack of Flowers with Poses SLURL
Sim - The Far Away SLURL

Finding this dress was easy, and in order to catch myself up quickly I chose a small build I have been meaning to photograph and just haven’t yet. Well now I have!

The Far Away is one of AM radio's simplistic but stunning builds. It's not a full sim so it can be taken in rather quickly. But its still fun. There are many little things to notice. I started out with just using the midday sun setting, then I remembered I have AM radio's Nostalgia setting and switched to that.

Upon tping in I happened on one of those random scenes that only happen in SL. A group of people all flying about on Giant Canadian geese. And after standing there a while giggling I got given one of my own by a nice person named Kermit.

Click to see bigger

Kermit was sadly, not dressed as their namesake. Then I had to close my viewer for a moment to do some window shuffling in my task bar and by the time I got back all the goose flyers where gone.

In fact the crowd that had been there when I first showed up was gone. Only one left was one lone wolf standing guard atop the rusty Train engine. But doing it in style, as they had on a fabulous mask and collar. I should have asked them who made it. Then some other chick tped in but all they did was add another person in the background of some shots.

Click to see bigger

Apart from the wheat and train you have two sets of tables, a windmill, fence, and silo. And also these randomly appearing chairs.

I'm not sure if you trigger the chairs appearance by crossing over something or if they just..appear. I never figured it out.

Oh and on the far wall is a donation board where you can buy your own wheatfield, or train in a wheatfield. And all monies paid are then sent over to Heifer.org. Which helps buy animals for third world countries.

Click to see bigger

I DID however find out, that if you click in just the right spot on the back of the train. You get abducted by aliens! Ok that may not be what the intent is..but it sure is what it looks like!

Click to see bigger

As there isn't a lot to the place, I covered it all quickly, unless I missed some small detail which hey is possible.

You can see all my photos of The Far Away at http://softpaw.org/LJimages/SL/the%20far%20away/index.html

Next weeks color is Bronze. I THINK I have something in that. Hey Luna..how about tossing a few more pinks and purples into the mix instead of so many neutrals?

One day I should go over all the colors and tally up neutrals vs not neutrals. I know to me it seems like a lot of neutrals, due to them being so hard for me. But it may not be.
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