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06 September 2011 @ 12:49 am
Do do do doo do do....do...  
For the record, the entry title is supposed to be the start of the Super Mario Brothers Theme. It'll make sense when you read about this sim I found in the destination guide.

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Outfit - -+-Rabbit*Kiss-+- "Magical candy" SLURL

Hair - *SS* Lexi -  SLURL

Pose - Petit Glad - Lazerbeam Pose set SLURL

Sim - Electrobit City: 8-bit and Retro Pixel SLURL

I have too many poses to not do a single show off post for the top of my posts...so...doing that now.

Anyway this sim was a fun destination guide find, as I already said. Called Electrobit City the sim's focus is on old school Nintendo games, with an emphases on Super Mario brothers.

Click to see bigger

You'll arrive at a landing point on a platform in the sky. It's quite a build, but just the tip of the iceberg for this place. Right in front of you will be a large chess pawn shaped thing with some text saying mini game and gift. Click that, a being that is kind of a combo of Pac-man and a Zelda fairy will pop up and guide you through how to do some of the stuff about the sim. Do that, you'll get a free 8 bit avatar of a random critter from SMB. I got one of the mushroom badguy things.

During the course of the tutorial you'll be taken to an underground area, you can get back to it later so don't worry. This area looks like a Mario Brothers game. Complete with platforms, coins, smashy boxes and chomp chains. I think eventually the plan is to have a hud to be able to actually play it. Some of the information your given lets me think this.

Click to see bigger

Now as flying is turned off, I didn't get up to far on this area. I SUCK at side scrolling platform games and I equally suck at jumping from platform to platform in Secondlife. After falling so many times I just gave up as all the coins I collected counted towards nothing anyway. And if you try to cheat by using a flight assist or having always fly clicked, like I accidentally did it sends you to the "death area" and you have to start over.

Leaving this area I went back to the top and poked about and found a place in the back that took you to other areas. And THESE areas are just a bit mind blowing. Again, its set up like a platform game, But its got a difference.

All the stuff is in 8 bit. Yes you read that right. The landscape, buildings, everything, Eight...pixel...bits graphics. Seeing a fully 3d character among 8-bit graphics was quite trippy.

Click to see bigger

And it was all really old old school Super Mario brothers. There where three areas but two are kind of connected. And one had "death" turned on which took you to the dead area and you had to start over. But only if you messed up. Like, getting smashed by a stomper thing.

And no I have NO idea what a lot of these things are really called, I know Ba-bombs and goombas for the minor bad guys and that’s about it.

One of the two safe areas had a really neat 9-bit fountain in it.

Click to see bigger

There is also an area for "dodo racing" which apparently has to deal with a Dodo Breedable. No idea how often its used. And inside the giant game console is a dance club. You get to both by clicking teleports in front.

If there are other levels or other games I didn't find them. I may go back one day to see if the scoring system is set up. I found this area fascinating, The 8bit place especially. It makes for some really fun photos. The sim is just so full of potential and fun!

I just need to work on my platform jumping. And find a proper Mario outfit, or maybe princess Peach..hrmm..

http://softpaw.org/LJimages/SL/8bit/ For all my photos and once again the SLURL is http://slurl.com/secondlife/Electrobit%20City/64/32/3229

and I leave you with this oldie but goodie vid

I need to reupload my version of this, I have one on my YouTube channel and it somehow got corrupted ON YOUTUBE.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GJtFMtLcrA4 if your curious about what I mean.

And..that was my 8 bit fun! Off to go find something else to do!
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