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17 September 2011 @ 10:07 pm
52 weeks of color - Week 46  

Week Forty-six:

Brick Red

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Outfit - [K~*~S] Calliope - Gown - Blush SLURL
Hair ->TRUTH< Ricci- SLURL
Jewelry and hair flower - *~*Illusions*~*"Varda" Rose Jewelry SLURL
Pose - ABS Poses My Blue Butterflies TTB Exclusive SLURL
Sim - Ruinsfall, the home of the Dryads SLURL

This weeks color. Brick red. Which is more pink then the firebrick red of two weeks ago. took some digging and asking Turlock for his opinion of a few choice but I found a dress that I think matches the swatch quite well.

I learned about Ruinsfall from Slifefantastic. I love Carrie's blog, she finds such amazing places to go visit! For a SL exploration blogger like myself it's a must read for places to go. And one day I will take photos as fantastic as hers.

I wish I could find more blogs like hers and Honour's Post Menopausal View blogs. Ones about places to explore and not just fashion. While I do enjoy the fashion feeds and learning of new pretty things to buy, I am an explorer not a fashionista. I want more fun and interesting places to go visit!


Ruinsfall, the home of the Dryads, is a lovely, lovely spot. One day I hope it becomes its own full sim, as right now it's in the middle of a lot of modernish buildings. But you can loose yourself in the trees and forget all about the outside world. Huge, lovely, amazing trees. And yes, even if your the sole person there, you have dryads about you. In the form of fabulous tree people.

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It took me forever to settle on a good pose for this weeks color. But found it at last. Then onto explore more. The place has many levels and twists and turns and hidden spots. A cavern where you can join the land RP group and obtain a free dryad avatar. Which is, very ferny. I decided to stay in the group to learn when the place is done. As there are areas that are clearly still being worked on.

Click to see bigger

When I switched out of the dryad avatar I put on two outfits by Caverna Obscura instead of getting back into the Kouse gown. It fit the scenery better. Then back to exploring!

I went up levels, down levels, and found a teleport in a fountain that took me up to a big, white, box, that is filled with sunbeams. I am highly curious as to what that will turn into eventually.

Click to see bigger

There is a store in the build that you get to via a teleport crystal, where you can buy most of what you see. Including the stunning Dryad trees and various other Dryad avatars.

Ruinsfall has so much potential. I can't wait to see what it becomes.

You can see all of my photos here http://softpaw.org/LJimages/SL/Ruinsfall/

Next week's color is Kaki and I already know EXACTLY what I am wearing. And where I am going. It will be such fun!
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