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28 September 2011 @ 12:47 am
52 weeks of color - Week 47  

Week Forty-seven:


Click for bigger

- Viv Trafalgar Outfitters - Victorian Ladies' Safari Suite SLURL
Hair -!Calico Creations!! Elka II - SLURL
Belt - A&U Creations - Neko Explorer Belt SLURL
Pose - GLITTERATI POSES - Sparkle - garnet SLURL
Sim - Da Vinci Gardens SLURL

So..I wanted to finish my exploration of Da Vinci Gardens gardens for this weeks Color. I knew just the outfit, as it was what I wore the first time I tried to explore this sim, Viv Trafalger's Safari outfit. Which is a wonderful bit of clothing, you can wear it for Victorian or modern times! So versatile.

And how much more Khaki can you get then the fabric the color was named after!

However, as this past weekend was also The Rose O’Neill fairy gathering, which I was attending as an official presenter and unofficial entertainer, I was a bit busy. Both over the weekend and last week getting ready for it.

And Da Vinci Garden has turned out to be WAY more to explore then I had expected. So many area's to go to and several levels to explore.

So I am posting just the one shot here, and plan to attempt to finish this place the rest of this week. After doing a few other things I need to do. I promise to do my best to get it all done this week and post the full sim write up next week.

It's just..WOW, so much to see and do. I am overwhelmed.

This month I'll also be busy every weekend Haunting a corn maze near Verona, MO. If you live near that come get scared!! I will of course be exploring the various haunted places that come up during October. Hopefully there will be more variety and not a lot of the same ol same old like last year.
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