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28 September 2011 @ 04:16 am
Mesh, the Fae Kitty, and her digits.  
I'm in a posty mood tonight so your getting another post. :P

There's been a lot of talk about mesh since it's release a while back. Some good, but mostly what I've seen is a down.


Because you can't mod mesh and it doesn't conform to your body measurements. Like everyone had thought would happen when talk of Mesh first started up. This means when you buy mesh clothing you have to find the size that comes closest to your measurements and then either change yourself to fit, or wear alpha layers to hide the body bits sticking out. Heck you can't even move where it sits on you if say a necklace is to high up on your neck. Or to low.

This means I will not be buying mesh clothing till this is fixed, Which I hope will be. As a LOT of people do.

Like many others my avatar is very personal to me. And that includes the shape I wear. This includes the fact that I am well aware I have larger then average breasts. I made them that way on purpose. For one I like them better that size, and two, my SL avatar is my "dream me", which, since I am small breasted in RL, means bigger boobs. :P I am also thin in RL, which I like, so I made myself thin in SL as well. And tried to get as close to my RL height as possible. Which is tallish for a human at 5 10.

I also have a few issues related to the fact that I'm a fur. Like the alpha layer thing, I already wear alpha layers on my lower legs. Have since I switched base avatars and went Digitrade legs. If I don't it looks REALLY weird. I'd have to make a separate alpha layer to wear that includes my legs for each and every mesh outfit. And while I would love, love, LOVE to wear some mesh hair, the no mod part makes it impossible. I absolutely HAVE To mod hair to make it fit! There is no way I can change myself to make it work.

Now anything NONE wearable is a go for me buying mesh. But so far I've only seen clothing in mesh. Not even sure if anyone has made mesh plants or buildings yet.

I'm not even currently using a mesh enabled client. But not due to not wanting to see mesh. I simply am still waiting for Firestorm with spell check :P It's a weee bit more important to me then Mesh is. So I'm still using Phoenix till that happens. And even if Phoenix gets mesh before Firestorm gets spell check I'll be switching once it does. Since Phoenix will really not be a viable viewer for all that longer. Mesh Firestorm is installed if I really need it, but I don't currently use it.

But this whole, you have to fit into the dress not the other way around thing got me remembering stuff. Namely a blogger challenge that went around a few months back. Where you posted the digits of your shape. So, because I feel like it, I wrote mine down and fixed up an image with them.

It was started here http://strawberrysingh.com/2011/04/12/whats-your-digits/

The idea behind this was to get a better idea of what was average, see the wide variety of shapes, and to help get your shape a bit more in proportion if something was vastly off.

And while Strawberry only listed a few, I felt like giving them all. Cause I can do that. Well all except the face stuff.

Click to see bigger

Now again as a fur I have a few things to point out. I have a prim head. It sounds funny to say that but hey its true. So unlike a human, my shape's head size doesn't matter proportionally wise. So I listed it as N/A. My leg length and Foot size also get affected by being a fur. As I said already I wear alpha layers on them. so I could have my foot sized to the biggest size and no one could tell.

My neck numbers are a bit long, this is to offset the feline head which sits lower down on my neck then the shape head does. Otherwise I'd have no neck. I also tried to make my shoulders and neck thickness work with the head, as its obviously larger then your average human head.

You'll see I have two heights listed. One is the one I get on appearance window, the taller one. The other is given to me by various "get your height" objects. Which I had gone by long before they started listing your height in feet on the client. It's my RL height. I have NO idea why the two are so different. And it's also not counting the extra height of the cat head. But when I fix it so my height is 5 10 in the appearance window, longer gowns no longer fit. They are TO long. So I kept it at 6` 3`` in the settings.

And, I think that's about it. Putting my digits behind a cut as well instead of just on the image

Height 49
Body Thickness - 0
Body fat - 0

Overall Height 6` 3`` Or 5` 10``
Not counting Feline head

Head - NA

Torso Muscles - 43
Neck Thickness - 42
Neck Length - 72
Shoulders - 55
Breast size - 85
Breast Buoyancy - 11
Breast Cleavage - 34
Arm Length - 79
Hand size - 23
Torso Length - 64
Love Handles - 38
Belly size - 0

Leg Muscles - 66
Leg Length - 70
Hip Width - 71
Hip Length 42
Butt Size - 21
Saddle Bags 32
Knee - 50
Foot 0
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