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01 October 2011 @ 03:50 pm
52 weeks of color - Week 48  

Week Forty-Eight:

Moss Green

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- Outfit - Ivalde Maisie - Witch Hunt 2011 prize SLURL
Hair -!!Calico Creations!! Seelie - SLURL
Pose - { Just A Pose } My Fine Feathered Friend SLURL
Sim - Indigo Avery SLURL

I wanted to go someplace simple but fun and pretty and the Indigo Avery I saw on the Destination guide fit the bill perfectly.

Having picked up the perfect Moss Green dress just this week from a hunt I tossed it on a and went over to the aviary. It's not very big but so many lovely birds.

Click to see bigger

Indigo made her small little plot pleasing to visit, no annoying come at you birds like I've seen in the past. There's a small greenhouse, a pond and it has a lovely ocean view. And so many birds. I didn't even realize someone had made some of them for second life!

It's a lovely place to just go and relax for a while. Either watching the waves or by the pond. Mind the random goat on top of the pond gazebo though!

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You can see all my shots from the Aviary at http://softpaw.org/LJimages/SL/Indigo/index.html

Next week has me digging into my limited amount of neutrals again...the color is Wenge, which to me looks like a dark Liver. Who the heck names these colors anyway?
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