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10 October 2011 @ 12:49 am
52 weeks of color - Week 49  

Week Forty-Nine:


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- Outfit - Shabby Chic Duchess Outfit SLURL
Hair -!!Calico Creations!! Genevieve 2 - SLURL
Pose - I forgot to write it down, oops SLURL
Sim - [.XIV] Evanesce SLURL

And we have another neutral for this week. That was very close to Liver. And once again instead of looking in the GREYS to start I looked in my browns. Where I found the outfit I have on. It's an older one but the bustle color was perfect.

It had a hat, But said hat was HUGE on me. Not all hats look good on my head since I generally have to resize them. The one it came with totally did not. So I wore my pretty new Calico hair instead. The hair ornament comes with it.

SOOO looking forwards to next weeks color. It's Mulberry and I have TONS of stuff in that shade. Or a shade close enough to work.

For the sim I chose [.XIV] Evanesce. A sim I'd heard about from various places and just hadn't gotten around to visiting.

It has a lot of glowing stuff so finding a decent wind light for photos was hard. It's set to sunset by default though. Which did make things rather pretty. Especially if you are on the western border

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Like HuMaNoiD of week 40 its a lot of little islands in water. But it doesn't have any skyboxes, that I found anyway. Each island a few things to play with on it. Which I did. Though the one island with the clock tower is on a privated off parcel so all I did was take a photo of it.

I ran into the lovely Kouse of Kouse's Sanctum. She was afk but I did get a shot of her modeling one of her lovely new designs, Beulah. Which I really need to go pick up when I have the monies for it.

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I really enjoyed playing around with all the items scattered about the sim. And the sim itself is just amazingly lovely. I do highly recommend a trip to it.

Heck I set the water to "glassy" and the reflections on the sim are just amazing. There is a clear prim set JUST under the water so your walking on it instead of in the water and that makes for some lovely shots.

Click to see bigger

All of my photos of XIV can be viewed at http://softpaw.org/LJimages/SL/XIV/

Now to get started exploring haunted places. I may revisit a few places I went last year. For starters, I want to see if any updates have happened to the sim that is a recreation of Halloween Town from "A Nightmare Before Christmas". And another sim changes its Halloween offering every year. Must see what this years is!

Oh and to pick over all my mulberry outfits and chose a good sim for that.

OH!! and Remember the place called Ruinsfall, the home of the Dryads from week 46? I said I had hoped it would get a full sim eventually and it HAS, here is the SLURL...I haven't been by it myself yet even.
Hmm..maybe for Mulberry...
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