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15 October 2011 @ 10:00 am
52 weeks of color - Week 50  

Week Fifty:


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- Outfit - *Evie's Closet* (Etheria) Lyric SLURL
Jewelry - [K~*~S] Margaret - Jewelry Set - Gold SLURL
Hair >TRUTH< Eden - SLURL
Pose - *xoxo ania* reaching for stars poses SLURL
Sim - Through The Lens of Dreams SLURL

So, this week really got away from me. I have part of a Halloween place visited but due to my best Fairy friend Caelii coming for a surprise visit I didn't get much else done. Two days got spent cleaning, and then her visit and then sleeping after all that. Then the Corn Maze I'm haunting. And...just, so much stuff going on to supersede Secondlife.

Next week should be calmer and I can get to some of those haunted places I want to go to! Her visit helped me get out of my apathetic MEH mood I've been in lately as well.

Anyway Week Fifty. Wow almost done with this thing. And it was a great color this week! I have so many gowns in mulberry, or close enough to it. If one of my favorite designers doesn't make a gown in my preferred lighter pink they tend to go with this shade, or close to it. So I had a LOT of choices.

I went with an Evie's gown that had a lot of different shades in it. Just to offer them all, then the pose I used the stars are tintable, so I snagged the exact RGB from Luna's swatch and tinted the larger star with it. And I felt princessy so I dug out one of Kouse's stunning tiaras and matching necklaces.

For the Sim I chose a new one that is making the rounds of the blogs. I've seen it in several and its on the destination guide now as well.

Through The Lens of Dreams, is a quirky fun sim. Sound plays a part in it, But I got a notecard saying it was a wee bit borked atm but they are working on a fix.

Click to see bigger

When you arrive your on a cloud platform and there is a hole to fall down. You land on a big bouncy mushroomy thing and then bounce to the ground.

The world is inhabited by a myriad of critters, All busy making dreams. And each part of the sim leads into the next. There is a stone path you can follow and I do recommend that. It will take you around to experience the whole build properly.

But also just wander on your own. Fly up to the star factory, poke things. Its such a quirky place! And you get a few freebie gifts as well if you look about. Shoulder pets and an avatar.

Click to see bigger

I highly enjoyed myself and do recommend a visit. it doesn't take long if you don't want it to. Go explore and play!

http://softpaw.org/LJimages/SL/dreams/ has all of my photos

Next week's color is Cream. I have "PLANS" For this one. I rather can't wait to revile them! MWHAHAHAHAH!!!
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