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52 weeks of color - Week 51

Week Fifty one:


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- Outfit - --Umi Usagi-- Rose Bikini *Pink* SLURL
Butterflies - [*Epic* Butterfly Buddies SLURL
And *KW* Butterfly Swarm ~ Candied Violet Gift from Ambrose and not available to the public yet
Hair >TRUTH< Mariposa - SLURL
Pose -Mood Swings butterfly dances 1&2 SLURL
Sim - Enchanted Forests SLURL

So, this weeks choice is a wee bit different. And I swear this was totally pre planned when I saw this weeks color and just worked in my favor due to the loss of Net this week.

For one, I haven't fully explored the sim I'm on, because I KNOW its not done already. One of my favorite sim designers Andrek Lowell, is working on a nine sim grouping and he's up to three sims. I am waiting till he's all done to do a through exploration. But I did pop over to take a sneaky peek at them. What little I have seen looks stunning. Oh and you WILL need a mesh enabled viewer, he's used mesh for some objects already. Like the floating flowers behind me.

Secondly, the photo was not taken specifically for the challenge. It was taken for the Annual Shirtless Against Breast Cancer calendar I take part in. For the past several years the Consulate of Europa Wulfenbach in Steelhead has put together a serious of calendars to raise money for Breastcancer.org . I've taken part of the last few. I'm in the Fin and Fur edition obviously.

http://primgraph.blogspot.com/2010/01/shirtless-against-breast-cancer-book.html has more information about it. The 2011 edition is not available yet but will be at the same locations. And I believe you can still get this years and past years calenders.

When I saw that the color was CREAM, I knew this was the perfect way to pimp it. Why? My FUR is cream colored! So there you have my cream, in all my nearly naked glory! Enjoy!

No to go crawl back in bed and die for a few hours. I got run over last night by one of the "train" carts at the haunted Corn maze I am working this month when my cloak got caught under a wheel and pulled me down. I HURT, I'll be fine just extra achy and have a few big bruises on my legs..
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